Cadets camping overseas

I want to take a group of CCF cadets camping in France (with historical sidelines). Has anyone any experience of the paperwork trail for taking groups of cadets overseas? Any advice appreciated.
I take a group of ACF cadets to Normandy for the annual D-Day Anniversaries. If you want to wear uniform or do anything 'formal' in way of a parade, you need Political Clearance. This requires a form to be completed 3 months before and sent up the Chain of Command to end up at the British Embassy. As you are CCF, I do not know what your chain is. I will advise what the form is later.
If you are not doing the formal bit, the Army still likes to know who is going where. Have you checked the CCF equivalent of the ACF Manual, I would expect you to find the requirements there.
In the ACF Manual it is Chapter 3, Section 3.054 and the information that has to be provided is defined at Annex F to Chapter 3.
Any ACF party going outside the UK has to comply, irrespective of whether the visit involves uniform/parades or not and irrespective of it being privately funded. The application has to be submitted two months prior to departure. HQ LAND issued a letter earlier this year reminding Army cadet organisations that they have to comply, so I assume the above applies to CCF Army Sections.
The application has to go through your parent formation HQ, up to HQ LAND, so you need to allow more than two months. Annex F refers to having RFCA approval also, but I am not sure that is now required, and I do not know how CCFs relate, if at all, to the local RCFA.
Hope that is of help.

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