Cadets attatched to the RA

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lance_Bombardier, Jul 7, 2007.

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  1. do you think that Cadet NCOs who are badged to the Royal Artillery should be called 'Lance Bombadier' and 'Bombadier' or simply Corporal and lance corporal?

    I am sort of unsure as we are not regs and therefor some may be offended, but on the other hand being badged to RA might entitle them to this rank.

    Anyone have an answer or know an actual rule concerning this?
  2. well some people get pretty touchy when it comes to stuff like that, even if cadets want to wear the regimental colour patch on thier combat jacket.
  3. i agree, but there is just so much disagreement within the acf about this and it does my head in, TRFs i can see why most units if any would want to wear them, but also why cadets dont.
  4. Our Det is badged RE, our Cadets are addressed as Sappers, we have an RA Det in our County, they are Gunner, Lance Bombardier etc. Should be no problems with that.
  5. I think that this is a good thing and encourages Espiret De Corps and an individual identity.
  6. I have seen it done often. The only stipulation is the prefix "cadet" to all ranks, and cadets with no rank as yet are always referred to as cadet, not cadet trooper, cadet gunner, cadet private etc
  7. When I was in the RA ACF we had Gnr, LBdr, Bdr, there was no issue with it at all, in fact I was most displeased when I discovered that my local area had decided to drop all affiliations like that and adopt Pte, LCpl, Cpl.

    I am even a bit unchuffed that the cadets have to wear the ACF stable belt as opposed to the RA one but I understand the reasons why and the Commandants efforts in seperating the 2 (army and ACF). He has even brought in cadet only CS95 rank slides and a County TRF, even thought he insists on wearing it on his jumper for some strange reason.

    BTW I am not in the ACF any more as either cadet nor AI but an ex reg and serving member of the TA, I just know a lot about current ACF things
  8. That's how it is with our Artillary detatchments.
  9. I have been transferred from a royal anglian sponsored detachment to a royal artillery one. I will be talking to the Coy OC to gain permission to call nco's l/bombadier and bombadier
  10. sounds good. which coy?
  11. thank you LJS, thats a few bob saved then