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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by RoyalEngineers, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Hello :)

    A few things, let's do this like a questionaire ;)

    1) I was wondering, who here currently in Cadets wishes to join the Army?

    2) Do you think that cadets has taught you valuable things for life

    3) Do you ever get annoyed when you're with soldiers and fellow cadets seem to think they're better than them or something

    4) Do you have any ass kissers in your county that suck up to adults and they're always the one to try and put you right, even though they're sh!te themselves.

    5) Do you agree with me when I say that some counties promote people FAR too quickly and they seem to pass the APC syllabus in MUCH TOO LITTLE TIME.

    That'll do, please discuss :)

    And feel free to ask about me lol :roll:
  2. What's your CV in the cadets?
  3. Crack on lad, join the Army and shut the up and under no circumstances let anyone know that you were a cadet and even more importantly NEVER EVER say "we didn't do it like that in the ACF"!

    Good luck

  4. The first rule of joining Regs or TA after being a Cadet is......

    You don't talk about being a Cadet.
  5. It doesnt matter if people know you're an ex cadet, its how you act that counts. I personally made light of it and had a good banter with the blokes.

    Some of what you learn in the ACF stands you in good stead, However never, never question what you are being taught at ATR, you'll be shocked to realise what you've been a) taught wrong in the ACF and b) how much of the basics you wernt aware of.

    I made a concious effort to re-learn everything and I didnt get any untoward attention other than banter. The DS dont mind (they know who's done what anyway) as long as you dont act like a know it all.
  6. Even if you're not going into the army I beleive that the ACF has given me a variety of different things.

    Self Confidence
    Improved Fitness
    More Freinds
    A greater respect and understanding of the Armed Forces (I had that before, my dads an ex-reg, but it's even greater after the ACF).

    And as for going into the forces:
    Some basic skills that you can build/change for the furture in the Army. Take in all that you are taught there and never take cadet training techniques in priority over ATR training.
  7. Cadets taught me a lot before i joined up but when i was in, i soon learned! Luckily i kept stum about being a cadet unlike the zoob in my room who kept gobbing off about how good he was. The instructors loved him!
  8. Surely the most important lesson that cadets taught you is how to take an adult instructor up to his back wheels in your tight bots without waking the other cadets (until it was their turn anyway)?
  9. Yep. Dry as well. Good drills that.
  10. Or with sand in the vaseline as a special treat.
  11. while biting down on the Colonels boot heels. Ahh, memories.
  12. Best thing I ever learned from cadets was if you're gonna do the nasty with someone on camp, do it on the second to last night. The adults always patrol on the last night...

    Bootheels scaleyback? Whatever happened to the ol' FFD?
  13. I was never a Cadet, however;

    Of course the ACF will teach you things for life, inasmuch as the Scouts, Brownies, Guides, Cubs, St John's Ambulance or any other type of organisation to which the youth can be a part of. I expect anyone would get annoyed with a precocious individual - an issue of adulthood/developement which is not solely confined to the ACF. It is important to remember of course that only a few (less than 10% if I recall the British Army Review correctly) go on to join the regular army - so the ACF is an inefficient tool for recruitment.

    By the same token, it is not seen as a tool at all (at least not officially). It is a youth organisation for children and not a paramilitary one for the next generation of brutal killers.
  14. I am going to keep it quiet when I join, really quiet. Don't want to be taking any chances.