Cadets and SLAM

This is mainly aimed at AI/SI/SSIs, but anyone who knows anything about SLAM can give a valuable contribution.

# Z (Single room, en suite) – The future standard for all trained personnel. Project SLAM will construct 14,000 bed-spaces in the first 5 years with a similar quantity delivered by the parallel projects.

# Z(-) (Single room, shared ablutions) – Widely available, particularly at RAF Establishments. No more will be constructed after 2002 unless sites are so constrained that it is impossible to construct Z.

# Y (Generally a Flat with a 4-person room and 2 single rooms) – The standard adopted in the 1970s and widely found at Army, RM and RN Establishments. This type will disappear completely although some new Y SLA is being constructed at RN and RM Establishments by parallel projects.

# X Standard (4-12 person rooms) – This is being retained for recruit training or courses where the team building ethos is considered to be an important part of the course. SLAM will deliver 5,000 Bedspaces at 8 Training establishments in the first 5 years

According to that quote, taken from Army SLAM website (link above) there getting rid off the 4-12 man bedrooms apart from certian places. AFAIK, cadets are stuffed into this accomodation on camps and courses. Courses probably don't apply much to this, but what if a cadet camp is held at a place where there isn't any of this type of accomodation available. According to the website, Y accomodation is going completely apart from RN/RM places, so that eliminates those for where the cadets will stay.

That leaves just Z and Z(-) accomodation. Surely the MOD cannot afford to give each cadet their own room for a 1 or 2 week camp? So, what's gonna happen with the cadets? They can't abolish camps at ATEs and such places because, i'd say for more than many cadets, annual camps are the highlight of the year and give them the chance to put what they have learnt to action.
From the same website:

Project Aim: To upgrade progressively the worst SLA to Grade 1 physical condition by 2012 in order to provide Servicemen and women with the living environment to make them feel valued

SLAM and the other parallel projects are to provide Single Living Accommodation for serving personnel.

So fear not, young Jedi, your days of 'bunking up' with 11 other young teenage 'buddies' are far from over ... :roll:
No matter how many times I read something, i always miss a point that usually puts a comment of mine into the wrong. Thanks GR for putting that straight, plus i love bunking up with my buddies *cough*

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