Cadets and SLAM

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by barnezy349, May 1, 2006.

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  1. This is mainly aimed at AI/SI/SSIs, but anyone who knows anything about SLAM can give a valuable contribution.

    SLAM Here

    According to that quote, taken from Army SLAM website (link above) there getting rid off the 4-12 man bedrooms apart from certian places. AFAIK, cadets are stuffed into this accomodation on camps and courses. Courses probably don't apply much to this, but what if a cadet camp is held at a place where there isn't any of this type of accomodation available. According to the website, Y accomodation is going completely apart from RN/RM places, so that eliminates those for where the cadets will stay.

    That leaves just Z and Z(-) accomodation. Surely the MOD cannot afford to give each cadet their own room for a 1 or 2 week camp? So, what's gonna happen with the cadets? They can't abolish camps at ATEs and such places because, i'd say for more than many cadets, annual camps are the highlight of the year and give them the chance to put what they have learnt to action.
  2. You'll just have to basha up then you Tit ...
  3. Oh yer, didn't fink of that. I can't believe i forgot that
  4. When I was an air cadet (yeah shut up and stop taking the piss) I have heard of people staying in single accommodation, but we were usually put tents beside the gym for ablutions. So tents may be the future, we even had a drying tent with a genny hooked up to an heating unit.
  5. I can firmly assure you that there will be some sort of transit accm kept on at all camps for when outside units and cadets are transitting through!!
  6. SLAM is aimed at those who will be living on the camp. Short-term accomodation will not be included for a SLAM upgrade.

    Take a look at Pirbright for an example. Phase one trainees get the swanky new blocks while those using the ranges, etc. get to stay on Brunswick lines (the old tin hut things).
  7. So I take it that places like Penhale/Rollstone etc, won't be effected?
  8. Isn't Rollestone full of immigrants now?
  9. Was empty in March.
  10. was also empty in april!
  11. empty of asylum seekers or totally empty?

    Maybe I'm thinking of Proteous or somewhere
  12. Totally empty. Big brass padlock on the gate.
  13. Barney do you really think that cadets are going to get SLAM when the majority of the armed forces don't have it. Cadets get put in transit camps for the most part, transit camps aren't renowned for their creature comforts. Count yourself lucky you never had to stay in Oakington barracks near Cambridge. Pre World War 2 accomodation in Nissan huts, nice. The sickening thing is that when 1 R Anglian left there in 1999 for a 2 year residential in NI the place was converted into an immigration holding centre and had £1 million spent doing it up.
  14. To be fair, that funding would have been from a different budget to the Defence budget, still tax-payers money but that £1M was not available when the Anglians were there.

    Also, £1M would not have paid for much, it probably cost that to do the carpets and curtains ?!
  15. Where the hell do you buy your curtains from?!