Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by error_unknown, Jan 12, 2003.

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  1. Would any of you mind if some twat of an army cadet who is joining the army in september joined your post? (me)

  2. Not at all Ben,

    Welcome on board

    PTP  ;D
  3. Ben agree with PTP welcome on board, why not come and have a beer with yer uncle MDN in the NAAFI bar.

    Stay away from Prodigal, Leeanne and Sniper bird though, they'll only try and show you thier puppies ;D
  4. If you are a yougster, beware of MDN. I hear that he is close friends with Pete Townsend ;D
  5. Garry Glitter with a Dudley accent pipes up ;D

    Ben, sorry my warning to you should have included Lipstick, she's 58 and on the prowl for young bucks with no body hair
  6. Ben

    Delighted to have you on board, though would appreciate it if you would register rather than post as a guest.

    Moving this off to the NAAFI before it degenerates even further into the usual pointless slanging match.
  7. Woopert good of you to escort the young man to the bar.

    Have a double asbach and coke for starters, then we'll break out the bog roll, white spirit and the music system ;D

    Sticklips: If your looking for someone with a level of maturity suggest you look somewhere other than the ARRSE site ;D
  8. I mind. Get the round in.
  9. have joined...

    here i am
  10. Pint of lager, please.  Anyone else?
  11. Mr Pickle

    Gunny is right, its your round and will be all night ;D

    Now then, have you got a girlfriend............................
  12. Brilliant thread  !!

    I sense this one may run for longer than "Fatty's" slipping standards..........:-X
  13. Wouldn't count on it. Im as mean as a snake

    Pickle must buy the beverage if he is to be accepted, then he can perform a couple of bar rituals, have a cigar stubbed out on his ass, down a pint of phlegm then Ill buy him a beer ;D

    He then has to be interogated by Woopert and his phallic non lubed pace stick
  14. Big boys games = big boys rules ;D

    You can put lime in the phlegm if its not to your liking ;D
  15. I'll have a guiness & black with a pernod depth charge please.

    And a bucket ;D