Cadet uniform question

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by subbsonic, May 24, 2013.

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  1. I just heard that a local school has today issued some specific advice to its CCF contingent.

    We are ringing to book an outrage taxi for later tonight, but just wanted to check first if this advice is a local initiative
    or a result of some wider reaching policy that may have reached other arrsers?

    Perhaps a bus might be required?

    Could it be that public duties is a bit of a risk as well?
  2. Would you care to elaborate?
  3. Came out on Bader as well as Westminster as far as I am aware, mostly common sense that we have been using for years.
  4. I think the speed at which events occurred in terms of LONDIST first issuing a uniform warning (and in fairness at that time there remained a possibility this may have been a first cell action by some group), followed by their reassessment of the situation the following morning has confused the lines of Cadet woerld communications, which don't usually work with any great need for immediacy.

    Thus as some are picking up Emails to say no uniform, others have already received the later indicatons that at least for many the situation is not seen as changed from existing policy.

    As far as the ACF and CCF go all units would simply do best to contact their CoC for a decision, and indications are that those decisions may be that all carries on as of last weeks local directives, which ahve always allowed for taking account of local risks. Though those risks, bar in NI, have usually been from such as the nuisance local drunks or stoners brigade.
  5. I saw nothing on Westminster unless I wasn't looking hard enough.
  6. Certainly two emails on Bader ,ACF and CCF were referred to as well.
  7. The latest official advice is back to normal as far as uniform is concerned. Unfortunately many appear to be ignoring it.
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