Hope someone can answer thi sfor me.

I was chatting to a friend on the weekend, who is very bright and holds a CCF Commission (Type B). They were on about joining up, but really don't want to give up their full time job, which see's them jetting all over the world and is well paid.

However they want a bigger military role, the opportunity and challenge of working with adult soldiers and the chance to deploy (their company is very tolerant of this as they work closely with the military). They do give up a lot of their free time to the CCF, so would give the same amount of committment to the TA.

Basically they are not sure what they would be required to do to gain a Type A commission from a Type B.

So if any of you kind TA people could give me some advice to pass on i would be grateful.

Think you have to do the full course a cadet comssion is a type b more or less honurable with no call out requirement.
It is a queens comission but if nasty regualrs won't salute you (because personaly there being twats) not a lot you can do about it.

TA comission you could theoritcally lead troops into battle depending on unit role etc etc or man the ops room at oh god a clock :evil:
You will be expected to lead trained soldiers rather than cadets
Crunchie said:
Basically they are not sure what they would be required to do to gain a Type A commission from a Type B.
I am fairly sure that a Type B commission does not give you any easy route in, so they would essentially have to go through the normal process. They need to talk to their local units or, if they have a particular interest, the closest unit of that Regiment or Corps - they'll probably be looking at the DETAPO scheme at the local RTC, after passing AOSB.

I dunno much about the details, 'cause I came in as an ex-reg and we commission PQOs, which is a very different process ...
Basically what Idrach said.

We had this happen about a year or two ago.

In short your 'friend' will need to ....

1. Join a TA unit or go to thier nearest Regional Training Centre and become a DETAPO. This can be as either a unit sponsored one or a RTC sponsored one, and if they know what unit/Regt they want to serve in they would be better off going there first and getting the agreement of that unit.
2. Attend a TARS weekend and get a pass with a recamendation for commissioning.
3. Do TSC(A) and (B) (Called Mod 1 Training when a PO).
4. Attend and pass ASOB.
5. Attend and pass Mod 2 training.
6. Attend and pass Main Board.
7. Attend and pass Mod 3.
8. Attend and pass TACC - Mod 4. The 3 week long TA Commissioning Course at Sandhurst.

They will not recieve a 'fast route' in even though they hold a B Type commission, because in real life they are not yet even a trained soldier. And when put up against other adults they may suddenly not be the best candidate for commissioning either.

Hope that helps.
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