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Dear All,

Was having a discussion the other day about cadets joining the TA and the question of how best to manage someone who is a big fish in a small pond moving to become a small fish in a big pond.

Is there anyone who has made this move and can help with some ideas?

I haven't done this, but I have been around when some of my Cadets have.

Arenge for a weekend in the Field and invite Senior Cadets along to take part, but rather then use them as enemy, put them into friendly sections, give them instruction in SA80 skills, if you have the A2 then they will need lots of instruction, if you have the A1 then a refrusher course should be ok, as senior Cadets use A1 LSW.

By letting them work in the Section for a few weekends, they will quickly understand that they are no longer a "CPL, SJT, C/SJT, CSM or Cadet RSM" and instead start to work as a Pte.

This lets them understand how things work in the bigger pond, and also lets you as the TA see if they will be able to fit it?

It also gives you a good recruitment point for more members?

Only invite Cadets that are over 16 and have passed 3 Star, and are working towards 4 Star / Master Cadet, or Cadets that have passed Advanced Fieldcraft (A Cadet Course held by the Regs, in Fieldcraft), as this would mean that the Cadets would understand what they were doing.

It might be worth also trying to get the ex Regular / TA Cadet Instructors along, as they will have a better idea about what is happening, and can also be very useful in choosing Cadets in the future that would be good for your unit?

Good luck :)
Is there an aide memoire for what we can and cannot do with cadets?

I would be looking to take on those who are leaving the cadets and able to join the TA, so they would have to be 17 1/2 minimum and preferably 18 to avoid the child protection issues.




Try JSP535. It's the Cadet Safety Precautions (Red Book). All AIs have to have one in their possession on parade nights and camps. Failing that speak to the training officer or TSA.
msr said:
Is there an aide memoire for what we can and cannot do with cadets?

I would be looking to take on those who are leaving the cadets and able to join the TA, so they would have to be 17 1/2 minimum and preferably 18 to avoid the child protection issues.

Any cadet regardless of age will have to be treated as a child when working with regs/ TA.

Also it is my understanding that any TA centre that has an ACF det on it's grounds should be issued JSP535? Shouldn't be that hard to find one out.
I made this move and I just kept quiet about being a cadet there was some I had done before but there were a lot difference from what I had been taught, so I just got on with. Some ex cadets I have seen think that because they were 4 star cadets they were awesome infantry but they soon learnt that there were major difference and I think thats what you have to show them from the out set the may know quite a bit but there are these differences. I think it also helps when you get people from the TA or Regs to go along and help train the senior cadets at camps as it gives them a better understanding and it is also a good recruiting tool.
made the move in the late 70,s gobbed off got smacked. Lesson learnt

if you are seriously thinking about recruiting from local cadet dets then get around to see them. Invite senior cadets on a couple of weekends, get to see them in action, they get to see you and the unit. On the weekend you will ned at least one ACF AI with Red Book in hand, but that should not be a drama.
Although it was the otc not a mainstream ta unit that i joined, i still kept quiet about my acf past unless someone asked me if i had been a cadet. I did this because i'd seen a lot of reg and ta units as well as otc and because i understood a little of what they did i knew that this was 'their area not mine' and out of respect kept quiet. It worked well as the little bits and pieces from cadets that i could reuse served as a bonus to me,making the mtq's a tad easier and smoothing the way. People appreciate it.
Yeah same here. I kept quiet about my past life and was grateful for doing so when I watched another cadet gob off and go down in flames. I only drip feed info to them (ie they ask, I tell the bare minimum). Also while I think being a cadet helps you in the TA (knowing your way round STANTA) there are so many things to unlearn, the drills etc.

But I'd reccommend the TA to any cadet that asked me, just pass on the warning not to go in and tell all their "war stories" to anyone who listens. ;)
I made this transition some three years ago, and was for a brief while attending both cadets as an snco and TA as a recruit, I found it best to keep both seperate and tell a few people as necessary. However some of the skills learnt in cadets gave me a good grounding in the basics for TA.
Recently, our unit recruited an ex-cadet whom will account to anyone whom still bothers to listen to him about the cadet section attack he led as a lance-jack across the nessclife training area, as a result veryone thinks that he is a little c*unt without a clue. Everytime I see him, I hope that I wasn't like that!

My advice to anyone making the transiton is to go for it, enjoy your time in both. But don't gob of about it, no-one really cares...

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