Cadet Slogan required

Ok guys n gals, another annual camp is looming and as part of the fieldcraft package we are looking at getting tshirts for all the staff Officers, adults and cadets and are looking for a really gucci slogan - remember cadets are going to be wearing the tshirts so we need to keep it clean!!!!!!!!

some we have thought of so far

You've seen the rest now meet the best!!!

GI Joe's out to play, over the hills and far away!!!!

I am Gunnery Shy highway

sure you guys can think of better!!!!!!!


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"What discipline?"
Just a passing comment ... I have never seen " GI Joe out to play " .


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ACF - the ATC for common kids.



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"Don't you know I'M a Cadet Sgt Major?"
Inspired and achieving...

Who trys, wins

Reach/acheive your personal best

Train hard, play easy

Seriously acheiving...

Make my way, the ACF way...

The Future's bright, the future is us...

Future boss!

Success starts here...


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Perspire to underachieve.

Natural born loser

My other body is an AI
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