Cadet RSMs and CSMs

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Rfn_Warrior, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Do we adress them as sir? I was told recently that we don't because they haven't received a comission from the queen or something along those lines. I was told to just called them Sergeant Major and not Sir. It would feel wierd though calling someone a year older than me sir. Plus i wouldn't give them as much respect as i would to an adult RSM/CSM.
  2. Regular Army Warrant Officers dont hold the Queens commission but are addressed as 'Sir'.
    An officer would address a WO as 'Sergeant Major' or as 'Mr ...........' but if you are of a lower rank to the WO then you would call him 'Sir'.

    But in the cadets? Apparently there is a book of regs for cadet forces, it should tell you in there.
  3. Yeah, i know about all that, but i was told that we dont HAVE to adress them as 'Sir'.
  4. Cadet CSM's and RSM's i take it you mean cadets who have been appointed to the rank?

    if so you address them by rank as in "good morning CSM, thank's for allowing me to pillow fight last night", only reg,ta and adult WO's do you address as sir as the hold the warrant signed by liz
  5. Ah, i see. Now i know for future reference. :D
  6. Cadet adult WO's dont hold a warrant and offically are not WO but SMI's, I would say call the Cadet RSM and CSM sir if your a cadet and CSM or RSM if an adult
  7. Assuming you are a cadet...

    I think you should!

    Maybe someday you will be a cadet RSM, and I am sure you will think you should be addressed in the proper fashion?

    What goes around, comes around after all...

    This has nothing to do with queen's commissions or the like; we are all in an organisation built on teamwork. Some people are selected to lead, and it is in all our interests to support them and give them respect. If you don't understand or follow this, then you need to give yourself a good talking to...

    or leave!
  8. Yeah, i see what you meen. But i doubt i'd be in long enough to become one of either. Hopefully starting my training for the Army soon. And i don't really like the idea of talking to myself when you say give myself a good talking to.

    Sorry, was just trying to be funny. I'll close the door on my way out.
  9. yeah sorry, my mistake/screw-up, adults are SMI's not WO's

    but i still wouldn't expect cadets to call other cadets sir regardless of appointed rank.
  10. All the cadet ranks are not really ranks but you still address your corporals or Lance- Sergeants(Endbutt Lane) as such. It helps to teach you discipline and respect for your superiors. If you do join up you may have to call someone younger than yourself Sir eventually and see how that feels.
    But I'm thinking this is a waah.
    Ho Hum
  11. I adress all NCOs by there Rank. I'm an NCO myself so i'd expect to be adressed by my Rank as i do to others.
  12. Answered your own Question there then. :D what unit are you in by the way i did 6 years at Endbutt when it was RA :wink:
  13. I'm in The 2nd Rifles. Formerly the 2nd Royal Green Jackets. Why did you leave?
  14. Because I was 16 and went straight in the army for 15 years or so. Natural progression
  15. Ah i see. I wont know you then.