Cadet recruiting video

Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Feb 11, 2007.

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  1. if ya want to roll around in sh*t join the ACF, but if u hav a brain you'll join the ATC
  2. For your first post thats rather childish.
  3. i fail to find the problem
  4. just thought that as cadets you should all get along , im a ex marine cadet so i know about the riavalrys.
  5. So as you have a brain, would you care to engage it, learn to spell, punctuate and use grammar?
  6. In Future i will attempt to to better.
  7. 1
    try telling that to our local ACF :thumright:

    at which point did i say i was in the ATC? mearly passing comment
  8. paraboot6 my comment was in reference to nob end not yourself.
    Decor if you have nothing to say of any use then kindly find another thread.

    I thought the video was good as a whole semper, are they your lot?
  9. Ah i did not take into account that you are not in the ATC ,Sorry for any confusion.
  10. i didnt say i wasnt either
  11. hello no they are not, I am in Merseyside county, I think it is a very good effort tho and could give ideas other dets to a similar promos, as it could be cheaper to do it via internet as a broadcasting medium.
  12. Good idea, although it would only be effective if it done well and put in the right places. But this would cost money, granted though it wuld be cheaper than TV adverts papers etc.
  13. Don't try to sound smart...everyone knows people who like the ATC have their heads in the clouds. :p

    The video's good, but as a comment said there the music lessens it's effect.
  14. Could the MOD not You Tube the official film for extra publicity? Anyone know who to make the suggestion to?