cadet pre para anyone heard of it ?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by static-line-pimp, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. was talking to my company OC over camp and he told me that the ACF used to have a cadet pre para course which used to be run along the lines of a cadet arduous training course ?(nothing to do with p coy etc....)but was a real achievement for the cadets to pass
    does anyone know anything about this as I would like to look into resurrecting it if possible in my county...........
  2. did your CO then procced to touch your bum, grown men who wish to work with cadets are very suspect IMO
  3. dude I was far more suspect in behaviour as a regular soldier than I willl ever be whilst training the kids...............
  4. no bum touching ,although the company commander informed me that junior officers who proceeded to c*ck tache majors in their sleep for photos really did not have too many promotion prospects airborne or not................
  5. Let's see what other bizarre courses we can come up with just by joining up army terms...

    Search dog + pilot's course = canine APC.
    Army diver + clerk's course = underwater G1 specialist.
    Musician + motorcyclist's course = rapid reaction reveille capability.

    Load of tosh. Pre-para would break cadets and the money doesn't (and shouldn't) exist to pay the compensation.
  6. The course is not a full scale pre para obviously before you tosh it up with negative vibes
    and having completed P coy and a couple of foreign pre para courses and served with an airborne unit and on a recruit training team I think I am fully aware of the physical implications upon cadets.
    I believe its more of a CADET relevant physically testing course for the senior cadets to pit themselves against and achieve .
  7. so male of the following are suspects?

    School teachers
    Youth leaders
    Regulars who are a CTT
    Regulars who are schools liaison
    Regulars who are AYT
    I'm sure someone could add to the list

    And your reason for hanging around the ACF forum?
  8. Welcome back Pte Golden. ;)
  9. nice one dwills,
    unfortunatley you will always get the individual that chooses to knock the ACF instructor/officer
    sad but true
  10. scoutmasters :)
  11. whatever happened to mike golden last I heard he was being sought out on a dating site by a fellow arsser but caught a sniff of a rat popped smoke and extracted.......................
  12. Do you never read the tabloids - of course they are!
  13. sorry all I moved off topic with the mention of our good friend pte golden no doubt fighting terry taliban solo armed with nothing but a potatoe peeler burberry cap and tatooist on call................

    Being new to this cadet lark Are there any old sweats out there from the ACF who remember this cadet pre para course or was someone yanking ones chain ?............................because I have never heard of it before
  14. Scout masters they may be but they are teaching basics skills to many who will become the future of the army and self dicipline and respect to those who dont join up. All good Valuable work.

  15. Pimp. As much as i would wish to burst your balloon (adjust your drift man), when i was a cadet, i heard rumours of this course. I think it is legit. Have no idea who was doing it though. Why don't you set something up yourself? You could get map man involved as well, as long as you took him to the location yourself!