Cadet Parachutist Badge?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by nastyberganchafe, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Ok, nearly squared away a jumps course for the kids after some 40 sheets of paper blah blah...

    It would be nice to give them a memento of the course preferably some kind of badge. A net search has revealed no information on wether they can where the course trained parachutist badge (lightbulb) or wether a 'cadet' parachutist badge exists.

    I have checked JSP 336 and the manual... nothing, nada, zip... anyone in the know able to help?
  2. Unless they're doing the British Basic Parachute Course held at No1 Parachute Training School at RAF Brize Norton then they're not entitled to any badge - light bulb or otherwise. Give them a certificate and a bag of sweets.
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  3. Surely you've missed off a couple of zero's there? :?

    ...Before kicking them out of the back of a Herc :x
  4. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    A cadet parchute badge was introduced several years ago, it is pale blue and red (as shown in the link above) and was approved for courses under the auspices of the British Parachute Association held at a Military site such as Netheravon. I imagine that any BPA course would be acceptable though.
  5. Hopefully you got the course down at Netheravon, i've done a couple of Tandems down here, and if you get good weather (entering summer so looking hopeful!) it's really nice to jump in, and it's not a bad locale. Some good runs you can take them on. ;)
  6. Thats looks nice, any idea of the written rules for eligabilty and where they are (must be somewhere!)
  7. Any idea of the written rules for eligabilty and where they are (must be somewhere!) We are doing a single static line decent with a BPA club?
  8. I'd have been swatting the girls off at Hogwarts in the early 90's if - complete with puttees, hairy shirts and the No. 4 rifle, I'd had my lightbulb up. Dammit.
  9. Yes, they are unofficial, not approved for wearing on uniform and dissallowed.
    So, like many things ACF, you should be ok to just get on and use them.
    Hearty congrats to any cadet making a successful jump, and more so for all those with the courage to go up and do another one.

    Except for those who "do a skydive" by being strapped to a skydiver. As that's not doing a jump, that's just being baggage for someone else and doesn't count in my book...

    However, ensure that they get a badge, a certificate and photographs. Otherwise one of their top cadet experiences will be simply dismissed as being "bullshit" by all those people who say things like; "Cadets are allowed to do that," and so on.

    Well done too, for getting your cadets the chance to do this, Kudos awarded.
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  10. Are you for real ? a parachuting badge for a bunch of cadets....
    If they aint done P company and a Jumps cse at Brize they aint worth shite. I suppose you want them to be awarded maroon lids too ?
    I bet you have them calling other cadets Hats aswell eh...
    Get your shit together pronto.

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  11. You should fit in well with them then.
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  12. Get back to your craftmatic adjustable bed old timer.
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  13. Don't be a prick, these cadets are kids not squaddies. Any badges they wear are just achievement or "merit" badges - not qualifications. Certainly not something that can be worn in perpetuity. They are more like souvineers of their cadet time. They value them by how many they have, what level (such as silver or gold DofE) and how UNCOMMON they are. A Para badge would count as something a bit special.

    By the way, the Scouts have a version too:
    And I bet they don't get all anally retentive about other people wearing wings.

    I bet there's many a doting parent who takes pride in their sprog making a jump. Wouldn't you? Or would you prefer your kids to have a criminal record instead? Well ACF offers cadets a chance to achieve stuff they could mention later at interviews...

    To the OP - make sure you also get this jump course to count as part of their D of E as well. And above all - now you have started this, make sure you see it through. Cadets get too many let-downs so make this a success story instead.
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  14. Any retard can get a maroon lid these days, P Coys and Jumps are not required.
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