Cadet Parachute Course?

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Woody32, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. Is they're such thing as a cadet parachute course, i.e. go away to do a parachute jump with the paras for a day or something??
    If so how do you get on it and I suppose you have to be the regulation age of 16?
  2. Why would cadets go on a para course ? hardly going to get your wings up .
    You never know , maybe a civvie jump at a military school .Neveravon maybe ?
  3. Yes sorry, should have made it more clear :roll:

    I thought that maybe as a recruitment sort of thing, to inspire an interest in the paras.

    Where else?? :lol:
  4. No chance!

    To much of a risk having some scrote spank in!! As well as the money involved.

    Thought this was a Waaaaaaah, still not sure it isn't!
  5. :lol: ...'scrote spank'

    Well since you suggested it ...WAH!!
    (i don't suppose this one still counts)
  6. There used to be, when I was a Cadet, a course run with the Army for Cadets over 16 to do a Parachute course, that lead to a Cadet Parachute Badge on their brassards. But maybe under this whole PC World we live in, it has been binned? Ask your unit HQ for information, or check the course list with your Detachment Commander, The course you want should be advertised in the same place as the Adavnced Infantry Course for Cadets.
  7. When I was in cadets we had loads of jump courses. They were all civilian but if we got enough people going we'd take a coach and camp at the site, usually about £100 + £20 per extra jump (weather dependant).
  8. My brother is a catagory system instructor (or something similar)...(silver shtars :roll:)
    so I wasn't exactly planning on paying for my first jump!
    The courses available to our mob are shite, the only course I've ever seen offered to us in my time is the advanced sugnals course in april this year.
    I will certainly look out for this though, and I'll have a word with my CEO
  9. Me and some other guys in my CCF did a one day static line jump course at RAF Weston-on-the-Green in the summer of 2000(?) It cost about £120. It was specifically for cadets (I think) and took place over a weekend, would be a great shame if it's not run anymore, as it was one of the biggest instantaneous rushes I've ever had!! 8)

    Edited to add: pretty sure this is the course I did RAPS Course
  10. Dont forget.........this is THE famous (maybe infamous ?) Woody asking this question.........WAAAAAAAAAH.........!!!!
  11. It does exist and yes you have to be over 16.

    It doesn't earn you wings but it does earn you the ACF parachuting badge for your brassard
  12. I'm feeling quite mellow at the before attacking the dragons post and ending up looking a twatt, i'll pose the question:

  13. Tora Tora Tora !...........its what japanese kamikaze pilots yelled...........Attack, Attack, Attack !
  14. Sssh Drag, its past his bedtime. :D

    On thread, there are a few around, dependds on what you are CCF ACF?
  15. My mate was on what I thought was the last course run for the ACF/ CCF?

    She informed me that one of her course buddies had it away with one of the regs on the camp :? and that he and his mates bought her and a few of the other cadets beer. In the morning the course DS found numerous beer cans around their accomodation and nearly everyone tipping up in the morning with a hangover.

    As far as my mate was aware her and the other guilty parties spoilt the course and an ACF/ CCF course was never going to be run again due to their mis-behavings!

    That was a long time ago though and things could very well have changed. I may have also been bull-shi8tted!