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Discussion in 'ACF' started by CDT gruntfuttock, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. A query; Does anyone know if real soldiers have to call cadet youth officers (not adults) 'sir' and salute? I've asked one of the under-officers in my unit, and got told that they are required to (mind you he is an A1 cnut). What do you lot think? Would you call a cadet youth officer 'sir'?
  2. Call them Akela and be done with it. Mind and add Mr if Akela is a subby.
  3. Oh good, it's this topic again.
  4. Firstly, define what the **** is a cadet youth officer?

    If you mean a Cadet Under Officer in the ACF or CCF, cadets junior to him might call him Sir. An AI, even a PI and an adult, therefore responsible for said cadet's welfare should not.

    I would call him by his Surname, Mr Smith or simply 'Under Officer - Brew - Nato standard - GO!' remembering to do so clearly, loudly, as an order, and with pauses...
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  5. But if he serves as an under officer for 22 years, does he get a Field Marshals pension?
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  6. ..............Which 'Real Soldiers' are you on about.

    Teeth Arms are permitted to call cadet offrs.....Oi You.....****....Yes you, you horrible little Fat Knacker!

    REMF's, which includes, clerks, pay staff, slop jockey's, grease monkey's, musicians, bottle washers, tour dodgers & the Sick, Lame & Lazy.........Have to Salute & call All Cadets 'Sir'
  7. Ask yourself... Does he/she hold the queens commission, no matter how long they did at RMAS if indeed they went.

    Oh and BTW use the fricking search function as its been asked before
  8. Terrific! Well said AP, nothing like discussing DPM kiddie fiddling, again.
  9. ACF officers hold a TA type B commission. They do go through a selection process but go nowhere near Sandhurst. Under officers are not officers. They are awaiting their type B commission to be gazzetted and still hold their pre commisssioning rank, although in some ACF units they appoint under officers just to get them in the ACF officers mess and never go to commissioning board. Most Cadet Force Adult Volunteers see appointing as an under officer as a demotion.
  10. 1. You only salute the holder of a commission. UOs are not commissioned, so that's easy. No-one should be saluting a UO -- whether they're regular, TA or cadet. If any UO is suggesting otherwise, one of the AIs needs to have a word in his shell-like.

    2. Courtesy would dictate that regular or TA personnel address a Cdt UO as "Mr Smith" but that's all it is -- courtesy. You won't find any rules and regulations on it.

    It might be helpful if you were to tell us why you want to know ;-)
  11. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    Short answer: no
    Long answer: certainly not
    Very long answer: if working with the cadets on something it would be polite but not obligatory to do so in front of the junior cadets as it helps maintain the "authority and mystique" of the cadet officers. It is obligatory and good for their education to tell them to **** off if they insist on it in the bar afterwards
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  12. Neither are saluted. I don't see any need for HM Forces personnel to call them Sir.

    A 'Cadet Under Officer' and an 'Adult Under Officer' are two different things. The Cadet's rank slide has the word CADET in red above the white stripe. The Adult one has ACF in black or bronze under the white stripe.

    The main difference is that the former is a cadet and responsible for nothing but the Adult UO is a paid, contracted AI, CRB checked and responsible for nearly everything.

    Neither have any form of commission. Both have a role in leading cadets, but those cadets are not obliged to obey by any law or regulation.

    Neither can legally command anyone in HM Forces*.

    Both should be given some courtesy, because the adult volunteer isn't in it for the money or the kudos, but for his community and the cadet isn't raping bus stops and joy riding stolen grannies

    *Unless there is child protection issue or cadet force regulation at stake. But in such circs, even an AI should intervene and assert authority
  13. Why does he ask this rather than search for it, simply to start another ACF bashing forum would be my guess ;)
  14. Unfortuantly they hold a TA type/class B commision, so yes, you SHOULD address them as real officers.

    In reality, call them what you want. Whenever there are cadet officers around our barracks I just pretend I dont see them. If they come into work I call them mate/fella/chap just to see their faces get red.

    If this isnt a wind up, use the SEARCH function.
  15. I'm sure that what the OP really wants to know is, should you salute other organisations who wear "pips" like rank. Such as the RSPCA? Paramedics?, Fire brigade?, Police?