Cadet officer?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by booty_cadet, Oct 14, 2006.

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  1. Heard somewhere that in the ACF you can get to the rank of cadet officer. Is this true or false?
  2. Yes, and your rank is really, really real, and you are subject to military law even off barracks, and you will be saluted by AIs and it is a real commision and everything.

    And everything parttimeplonker tells you is also God's own truth.

    Truth be told, dunno B_C. :D
  3. Booty Cadet, get those mess tins out and start digging.

    Yes, you can become a 'Cadet Officer' but only as an Adult Instructor and its a Class B TA Commission
  4. can't a cadet beomce a 'cadet underofficer' not to be mistaken with the OTC rank, but i believe it is a cadet rank. its signified by a white band
  5. Yea go for it, when you reach it you will think what an utter waste of time it was.
  6. So cadets in the ACF can actually get it then? Not instructors. Our ranks for SCC only go up to Sgt/PO.
  7. The highest rank a cadet can achieve is Cadet Under Officer (no Commission). The badge of rank varies from County to County but is usually either a white or black stripe (similar to OTC).
  8. Hardly. On the blue side you go up to Lt until you hit District level. On the Marine side you can go up to the rank of Captain until you get to district.

    It is however a very strange kind of comission, a Navy type F honourary blah etc type affair.
  9. Join the ATC and become a Cadet Warrant Officer.

    Why would you want a cadet underofficer?
  10. I heard they did away with Cadet WO's because having cadets over 18 sharing a mess with cadets under 18 caused legal problems?
  11. B0llocks, you have to be over 18 to be a CWO and you can stay in until 20
  12. No i meant that the cadet ranks go up to Sgt/PO. The adults go up to LtCdr/Mjr.
  13. Has your sustem not changed recently?

    I truly believe that very soon, there will be no cadets over 18, the legal side of things just makes it impossible.
  14. don't understand harry...explain?
  15. It's all down to the Childrens Act.

    Youngsters over the age of 18 are technically adults and cannot be accomodated with those under 18. This can cause some quite severe logistical problems.

    As you're aware, the entry age was recently dropped and I believe this to be in preparation for lowering the upper age limit in the near future.