Cadet Murder in Liverpool - Man pleads guilty

Discussion in 'ACF' started by SCUBA-Babe, Jan 13, 2010.

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  1. Shocking news.
  2. I note the judge praises the attacker for owning up -- what a good lad for owning up! 8O

    Agreed: a shocking incident.
  3. Totally agree, what a good little lad.

    Let's let him off after all.. and give him a Blue Peter badge.
  4. The police could at least do the intelligent thing now and go arrest all his scummy little mates on the grounds that he's given statements against them.

    Then, of course, retract the imaginary statements 3 days later, as one of the arrestees will no doubt have threatened to kick him in by this point.

    Won't get us anywhere, but when he gets out he'll get a good kicking for trying to grass them up.

  5. Far too young!

    Joe, was attacked outside the Shrewsbury House Youth Club in Everton, 20/10/2008.
    He was 16yrs old, a member of V Liverpool Scottish Detachment of Merseyside ACF and had been with the unit nearly two years and planned to join the army.

    Attached Files:

  6. "James Moore, of Silvester Street, Everton, changed his plea to guilty after two days of legal discussions at Liverpool Crown Court."

    Is this the polite way of saying the little sh1t was told that there's enough evidence to convict him 10 times over and would he like to re-consider his plea?

    At the ripe old age of 17 plus a guilty plea I somehow think his sentence will be minimal, an insult to his victim.

    RIP Cadet.
  7. I live close by to the area (a tragedy as Joseph had never been to the club before. Its a nice place and the "youths" involved were not from there). The Police did a good job in rounding up this filth.