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Discussion in 'ACF' started by heva85, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. Hi all,

    I need some help. I'm a DC & I have a couple of cadets that I think would benefit from doing one of the Cadet Leadership Courses next year. They are both over 16 and 3 star qualified and I have found the dates on the Frimley website. My questions are these....

    Has anybody done the course who can offer an insight or any advice on it?

    And how do I go about applying for them to do it?
  2. Having been through Frimley last summer I'll try and give a bit of an overview.

    Equipment: Bergen, PLCE, water bottle, mess-tins etc are supplied and most platoon commanders make everyone use the issue kit so there's not much point bringing gucci webbing or assault vest. A powerful torch is a good idea as the lights in the tents go off at a certain time whether you've prepared your kit or not. A decent leatherman is a good idea, it helps when you forget the code to your padlock. Try and get a camelback too.

    Uniform, make sure they have at least green lightweights, there were a few guys on the church parade in 95's and they looked rather out of place. 2 pairs of boots is a good idea but not essential.

    Fitness; try and get them to the highest fitness possible, if you can't be at the front you can't lead. There will be girls and a few guys on the course who can't keep up (despite the fitness limits that aren't enforced :evil:).

    The first few days are a re-cap for the ATC and SCC guys who perhaps haven't touched a GP rifle before, so it's not that hard, then it switches to the field and it get more interesting.

    Apart from that, just give 100% on everything, don't walk on the orienteering etc, basic stuff, I hope they have a good time.

    Any questions, just ask.
  3. Having done both leadership courses (Frimley and UKLF) a few years ago when I was an Army Cadet I would reccomend trying to get a slot allocated for your bods on the UKLF course firstly. I personally thought it was cracking (for a cadet!) Run by regular army, loads of experienced army DS plus some ACF folks aswell. For example My platoon was made up of a R signals Lieutenant ,ACF 2nd L.t, Parachute regiment Sergeant ,Scots D.G Sergeant and a KRH lance jack! Ecclectic mix of people I tell thee!! Gained some great experience and insight into the regular Army. Only slight downside was that CCF are eligible to attend also and most of them were shite in terms of drills skills and fitness. I would definately reccomend the UKLF over Frimley in the first instance, although Frimley was a good course, I felt it was only reinforcing things that I had already learnt in detail, I didn't leave there with anything new bar the badge and course photo. Good Luck!

    Cheers Easy!
  4. :roll:
  5. Hahah, I said most were shite, just my own personal observation! Two CCF lads in my platoon jacked it in on the first night. Its all good fun anyway!!!

    Cheers Easy!
  6. Not sure if it is still the same as the one I did when in cadets (nearly 10 years ago now :-() but a lot of ours was based on teaching ability aswell. I did mine as a three star but it was aimed at 4* back then. It could be getting them up to 4* level on mil skills etc as they may have to give a lesson on it.

    To prep them for lessons make sure they have papers, pens etc. I got a really good mark for my lesson because I used lots of visual aids (think I did arcs of fire etc) so big sheets of paper and felt tips / board markers come in handy for making these type of thing at the last minute.
  7. No worries :D very good fun, loved every minute of it.
  8. Thanks for all your help guys. Just a few more questions....

    I've only ever heard of the Frimley course. Is there a site I can go on to find out more about the UKLF course?

    Also does anyone have any idea how a DC would put their cadets forward for either course?
  9. Heva each county has nomination procedure, it is them you need to speak to! be quick as only few spaces available per county! (if any)

  10. Heva85 ,Im not sure that there is a specific website pertaining to the UKLF leadership course, however, if you want I can PM you a brief rundown of the course and what is expected. I did it about 4 years ago so im sure the syllabus is still very similar. Like Its_a_Troop says there are very limited places available as it is a national leadership course, cadets from Northern Ireland and Scotland attend too! My county was allocated two places on the first course, I was lucky enough to be one of them.
  11. Thank you all, much appreciated. I'll get on to my County HQ and put the cadets names forward for them. I'll let you know if I have any luck....

    Skinn_Full, if you don't mind I would appreciate a rundown of what is expected/involved in the course.
  12. Check your P.M's Heva.
  13. Ever heard of the Air Training Corps Junior Leaders course?

    It's spread over 8 months starting in September, and consists of 9 weekends (including an initial assessment, 4 Core Skills weekends, and 4 Field Leadership weekends), and culminates with a test week either late March or early April depending on when Easter is.

    DS are a mixture of Ex Infantry from a variety of backgrounds, and business professionals, and the course gets support from the RAF Regiment.

    ACF and CCF are eligible to apply, closing date for the 07/08 course is 1st August 07.
  14. I did the CLC at frimley a couple of years ago, it would be fair to say it was the best thing i ever did with cadets. when you arrive you are split into platoons and over the length of the course you constantly compete against other platoons, it mainly consists of command tasks, a 15 minute lecturate on a subject of your choice (so it would be advisable to get your cadets to prepare one) their is also a battle exercise which consists of river crossings, E and E, map and compass exercises, an ambush and a platoon attack. fitness consists of log races, assult courses (including one at sandhurst), and a march and shoot comp. over all i found that the course is demanding mentally and physically but with good attitude, determination and a sense of humour any one will pass it.