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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Stockton96, Apr 3, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone done the CLC course. I will hopefully be on one of the courses in July and wanted to know if they were really strict with the fitness side.

    I have never tried running 1.5 miles let alone trying to do it in 11.5 minutes. Shall i start training now.

    Any info would be appreciated.
  2. When I did the course a few years ago, the fitness aspect was reasonably high - there are a few runs (logs etc) and the assualt course at Deepcut as well as a March and Shoot. As with any exercise being fit will help massively, and its probably an idea to get your run time below about 1030 if possible. In all though its a good course and loads of fun.
  3. The course instructions sent out by Frimley say you will be RTU'd if you are not fit enough. Of course since your DC will already have had to certify that you can do the press ups and run the distance in the time he will not be happy with you if you get sent home...

    Probably a good idea to start training

  4. The CLC is continually hindered year after year by people who are not fit enough to be there. :evil: Do your best to get as fit as possible before you arrive. It is arduous, both physically and mentally, have fun! :)

    You used to be graded on your fitness in your final report as well, not sure if that is still the case.

    Are you attending week 1, 2 or 3?
  5. I will hopefully be doing course 107, 10th - 17th of July. Why do you ask monkey ?
  6. I did Frimley about 4 years ago and fitness was not a worry. I trained well for it and knew I could pass the test easily but then when you look around you when you get there, there are fat asthmatic women everywhere who cry at the top of the rope climbs on the assault course. The log run was a walk and the exercises consisted of sitting in a hedge for an hour waiting to fire 5 rounds at nothing.
    RTU'd for being unfit?? I dont think so...its the cadets not the SAS and they wouldn't want to make cadets cry! On the positive side I did an excellent escape and evasion ex there that was good fun.
    A mate of mine did the land command course or whatever it is called and he said that was excellent. All fieldcraft stuff that tested your leadership much better than frimley.
    However this was a while ago so it might have changed.
  7. I am ADS'ing on one of the courses, just wondering if we would be there at the same time.
  8. Well i dont have any problem with doing anything stamina wise, i think i will be able to complete the log runs. Its just the run i am worried about, i will complete it probably no doubt but i dunno whether i can in the time allowed. But i suppose there is only one way to find out and thats practice.

    Monkey, hope you DS my course, would be good to put a name to a face.
  9. Good skills, tap up the instructor before you go!!

    You may be setting yourself up!

    How will you go about it, go around asking all the DS is they go by the pseudonym "illbeamonkeysoon", holding up a plaque like a chauffer at the airport!

    On a serious note though, my advice would be to take up cycling to school/college or your place of work. It improves cardio-vascular and leg muscle strength. Also, it makes excersise vital, as with the gym or pounding pavements you can look outside and think "fcuk that, im not going". If you start cycling you havn't got that option as you need to get home or to work!

    Good luck/Regards

  10. Rab, think i'll go for the card option when i get to frimley. That is as long as i get a place on the course.
  11. Get as fit as you can - it will increase your enjoyment of it no end. Yes, a some cadets find it tough, and they will not do as well as others as they are struggling to keep up, let alone 'lead anyone'. As ACF you go with far more experience than the ATC / Sea Cadets etc, some of whom have never even seen the GP and need to learn it in very few hours. Even if you haven't a confirmed place - get training so you can go there and do the best you can - it's a great course and you'll do a lot more than 'sitting in a hedge waiting to fire 5 rounds at nothing'
  12. I went last year, and to be honest it doesn't really matter how fit you are, you'll still get a couple of females in your platoon who are worse, especially the killer Sea Cadet/Fat Bint combo. Things like the log run and the watered-down assault course thus become more an exercise of dealing with their deficiencies the most effectively than being the most fit. There also isn't that much fieldcraft: an ambush and a section attack apiece (both of which see ATC/SCC people forgetting which end goes bang etc), but that said, the e & e exercise is quite fun.
  13. I started my training today and completed my 1.5 mile run in 18 minutes 43 seconds. I was not out of breath at any point, but the pain in my back was excruciating after the first three quarters of a mile. Are there anytips out there to stop this.
  14. Sounds like you didnt stretch off, I get the same problem at Rugby Training because of the tackle drill and running combined,

    Way to sort it is to lie on the ground face down, and then extend your arms while your legs remain on the floor. As if you were doing a press up but with-out raising your legs and your chest raising so it stretches your back. Afterwards touch your toes, should do the job. if you try it a few times.

  15. have just come off the leadership course Nescliffe, i take it your doing the Frimley one? to be honest, there were some right porkers in the platoons. had to do a 2 mile log run and orienteering as well as the odd double/run through the camp/training areas. they all passed even though it will be a HELL of alot easier if your fit.