Cadet Leadership Course 20 - 26th July

Discussion in 'ACF' started by wannabesapper, May 30, 2008.

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  1. Wondered if anyone was either on it or has been in previous years and could shead some light on what goes on/fitenss levels/general tips?

  2. Wouldn't worry about fitness levels, in my experience cadets don't do "fitness". Concentrate on your comm skills and don't be afraid to take charge. Oh and change your avatar to Wannabeagunner!!

    Up the Potters

  3. I went three years ago, and the fitness is not a major problem.

    I'm assuming you're going to Frimley Park...if so, you get to do part of the RMAS assault course, which is great fun! A few log runs here and there, orienteering, it's not too hard.

    Concentrate (as Gunner_REMF said) on you communication skills, after all it is a leadership course, as long as you're confident you'll have no problem.

    I was told I was "too polite" I only got 4/5. :oops:

    Hope this helps, and good luck!

  4. Ive got bags of confidence, Ive got a AOSB for Welbeck college the week before the course so leadership is right up my street, and I'm looking forward to kicking some inexperenced fat cadets arrrse around a assualt course!

    Cheers guys
  5. Just remember: Respect earns respect!! Enjoy. I'm sure Welbeck will throw up many more challenges.

  6. I assume by 'kicking', you actually meant ''inspire, encourage, guide and motivate' ???????

  7. just make sure not to forget your cheque! i done that on Nescliff
  8. It was a long time ago, but I have great memories of Frimley and the CLC. Fitness is an issue; not a huge one, but you are assessed, and if you're the one holding the section back on the log run, you lose a lot of marks. You shouldn't have a problem with that if you're about to go to Welbeck. Otherwise, it's basic stuff: you need to work as a team; ie, everyone takes a turn carrying the log; you help each other out. Make sure your admin is good, then you can concentrate on helping others. If you can put webbing together properly, it's a great way of breaking the ice with your section, because so many can't. Don't be afraid to learn from others; I take it you're about 16-ish, so you'll be among the youngest; take the opportunity to watch the older cadets and the DS and copy what works; I still use the knotted-string method of erecting bashas I learnt from the Gurkha DS. If you take it seriously, you'll have a great time.
  9. I'll be on that course, hasn't been confirmed what week yet though! Can't wait. :D I've been told it is more PT orientated were as the CLC at Nescliffe was field craft based. As stated though, sure it wont be that bad. :)
  10. Spot on there Rfn_Warrior. It's good fun, you are assessed on you fitness, just don't slow the team down. I remember a couple of us being told by a DS to carry on going because our team was that slow in catching up. Felt guilty...ish. :roll:

    "I'm looking forward to kicking some inexperenced fat cadets arrrse around a assualt course"

    ...should be good fun wannabesapper, just make sure the DS aren't looking. :wink:

  11. Make sure i'm not looking either, no cockyness in it, but if theres one thing i dont like, its bullies.
  12. Maybe I should rephrase that, more like as SgtH said "movitvate and encourage..."

    Just hope there isnt any guys on there that have issues about being lead by a girl, becasue if there is one thing that annoys me, its that!

    hope to see you there Rfn_Warrior,
  13. I did Frimley 2 years ago and it was the best week I had with the CCF. You learn a lot from the DS and from the other cadets. Make sure your skills are sharp, and ensure that your PT is up to scratch. Some sections are quite slow, but some seem to contain 7 very quick guys and one person who needs to be carried. Make sure you are not that man.

    Oh, they recently changed the grading system. Instead of being given a basic score you are now judged on a number of categories and rated either unsatisfactory, satisfactory, good or excellent. THis then gets translated into an overall grade. The report gets sent back to your RSM/AI so its worth doing well.

    The exercises are great fun, but make sure you are completely up to speed with nav as that can be difficult at times.
  14. I don't have issues with who i'm following, as long as they know what they're doing and why.

    jew_unit, what exercises did you do, and is it a suit jobby were you've got to turn up in your best bib and tucker for evening meals and the likes?
  15. There are a few exercises. One is a night ex which is mostly to brush up on skills, one I didn't do because it was too hot to train (even regs were off work) but I think that was mostly nav, and the final one was a two day job that was incredibly fun. It involved several phases, but I won't ruin it by telling you what they are. There are also plenty of skills stands early on teaching you the correct way to run ambushes and perform section attacks.

    You have to remember that there are RAF and Navy cadets so some of the stuff will seem basic to you. They also give you a full WHT so be ready for that. If you can then get qualified on the LSW as there is one per section and very few people know how to use it so this may be an opportunity to get some fun laying down rounds.

    Its not a 'suit thing' at all. Its quite relaxed really, but I found that the exercises tended to have a much greater level of control from the adults than I was used to at CCF. Nevertheless, I have taken the drills I learned back to my corps and used them on CCF exercises when there was less control. Overall, I found it made me a better leader and much better at operating without close supervision.