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Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Woody32, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. Does anyone find that SOME (well most) cadet instructors are just biffas that think they were in the sas and who just join the ACF just to moan at youths.....I do: every wednesday....So why don't i just quit!!!!!! its gay, but its like an addiction!
  2. Fffuuuucccckkkkss sake! Let's not start another "All cadet instructors are walts". You get some chopers in every organisation, some regs are muppets, some TA are fools too. And yeah, there are a few uber walts waddling they way around my cadet battalion, but we've done this discussion to death! How come nobody ever does a topic asking about "Who was the most influential person to you in cadets"

  3. OKy Koky, ill tell you what, lets put a constuctive spin on this, has anybody fornd that being in cadets was actually a benifit to basic training, alot of people i know have said that the instructing staff don't like you for it. Or do they??
  4. It can help, but there will be a time in training when suddenly being an ex cadet will not help 8O , and never never never say to your section commander in training "We did it this way in the cadets" or it will be early doors, lights out if you know what i mean :twisted: .

    On a serious note being a cadet means you are already in green and that will give you heads up for a while.......
  5. Every cadet who joins will find it a benefit. they have an idea about what's happening, why and maybe why.

    Only a problem if you say 'I did it this way in the cadets' that's when your problem starts...

    Where you a cadet?
    Did you join up?
    What are you doing now?
    Looking at your picture I hope you recover ;-)
  6. I agree with the Tsar. The cadet instructor with both feet in fantasy land bit is starting to wear a bit thin now, or is it they all subscribe to arrse, as well as their detractors.

    I have spent a year now as an ACF instructor (on top of 12 years regular army a while back) and so far have not come across any instructors - even ex-cadets - in my county (east midlands area) who would qualify for an out and out walt award. Yes, some of them spend more than they should on exotic webbing and smocks, but nobody pretends they're in the Hereford Gun Club. All adults know ACF is a youth organisation - just better structured and equipped than most.

    Woody - I'm sorry you feel the way you do - perhaps you were abused as a cadet yourself - but don't go slagging off the whole organisation which by and large does a reasonable job for most kids that walk through the barrack gates.
  7. Woody for future reference:

    Engage brain then open mouth (in this case use keyboard)

    If you have that much of an issue with the ACF or its instructors then fcuk off the organisation does a very good job often with bad kit and some difficult children it does not need people slagging it off for no apparent reason. It appears that you have some deep seated issues that you need to address or maybe you are just a cnut ??
  8. Woody if you are moaning at the kids every weds I suggest that you pack it in as that is not what they need. I agree with the above replies this has been done to death. Perhaps you could expand and tell us what reasons you have for your crass remarks.
  9. to be fair, after i was MD'd, I went to the local ACF to offer my services. I got this t*at of an ACF LT saying that i would have to learn how to do all the things before i taught them and would start as a sgt before seeing if was fit for promotion in about 20 years or so.

    I kindly explained that i spent a lot of my youth in the ACF then 6 years in the army including the factory, thus surly if the Army thought i was good enough to be an officer, then maybe they could too! He then started spouting attributes of an officer to me and what i could aspire to. I resisted the temptation to get hi head and ram it through the filing cabinet and just asked him if he was representative of the rest of the staff int he detachment and his reply of (whispered) " no, im one of the better trained ones, just got my pips etc". He then encouraged me to go and think if i could put the committment in to learn about the military. i could have sworn he had my cv in front of him and i told him my history, on a number of occasions!

    I shouldnt have got so wound up, but.....
  10. Shame you met that tw*t oneshot. I know rules differ for each person going in, I think you still have to do the qualifying courses, but I know that with a commission you'd just have to convert your commission to a TA commission instead.

    Grrr, chopper Officers make me mad in the ACF!
  11. Two of my chaps recently tried to join the TA, but were very unimpressed to say the least,hopefully this was just a one off, and is not the standard throughout the TA, but the points raised were:
    1, a 20 minute lesson on NSP`s, but not explaining what NSP`s stood for.
    2, bad turnout from JNR NCO`s no rank slides worn, buttons undone.
    3, drill being taught incorrectly.
    My chaps said the standard required for TP`s from our CTT, when they done there ITC, was higher than was shown to them by the TA Jnr NCO`s whom were instructing them. They did however say the Snr NCO`s were very good. Perhaps the Jnr`s had not been taugth MOI yet. They are still with me at my Det, and have used this as a lesson learnt and produce very good lessons from it.
  12. Yes, I did know that he was just a chopper but other things happened around the same time and his attitude encouraged me to put that at the bottom of the pile. Have moved location now (this was about 4 years ago) so thinking about trying again.

    I guess that im scared of becoming that chopper!!!!!! I might think i'm a real soldier again or something and start telling stories of being in "nam" and the like!!
  13. Back to the topic about does being in the ACF help in the regs

    I found it useful for all the basic stuff like drill and badges of rank, just needed to sharpen up thats all, also on camps in the ACF we did morning inspections and bedblocks, obviously not to the degree of Basic Reg training, but it was less of a culture shock when I got to depot.

    During one drill session I was marked out as one to watch as my drill was spot on and was asked if I was ever in the cadets, I replied

    "Yes Sarnt"

    To which he responded

    "I f**king hate cadets", but gave me a wink when he snapped past
  14. We have an LE Captain who isleaving the Army entering our company in the ACF, so I'll ask him how its working for him and get back to you Oneshot. Best thign to do is approach the ares Cadet Executive Officer, you can find their number on the army cadet web page ( Things can get messed up higher up the food chain....I was asked to take an ACF commission after being an instructor for three eyars, as I had passed my RCB a few years previously. However, because someone somewhere took two years to decide whether or not an RCB pass counts for an ACF commisson, instead of a TCB pass which you need, it took two years to get commsisoned! Pointless? Yes, though these mistakes were made by snr reg colonels.

    Clanker: When I went to Uni I joined the UOTC in Birmingham. I left within a month after realising that the Officers and JUOs I was with were complete and utter re-tards, and I had to bale a 2/LT out of a map and compass lesson.
  15. Gives you a basic idea .how to wear a uniform ,drill ,how to handle weapons . etc .Thats about it cadets is fun and useful but
    its a youth orgnisation at the end of the day .