Cadet Instructor Experiences wanted for recruiting drive

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Good CO, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    We've been asked to advertise for cadet instructors, which as well as banners is a thread here:

    If anyone would like to post their experiences and encouragement for potential recruits it would be appreciated - on the thread above please rather than here where we assume that people are already in!

    Thanks for your help.
  2. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    No one willing to give a quick "this is what I think"? It would help I'm sure and there must be some out there interesting in getting some young blood in.
  3. It's convinced me. Just sent off for the recruiting pack & will apply as soon as.
  4. Will comment on other thread.
  5. Short contribution made.
  6. My own recruiting experience

    Called telephone number on website
    Got pack
    Contacted local HQ
    Got further information
    Called them over the next few weeks, answering machine
    Got no further, calls not returned, despite promises for someone to contact me

    Binned the idea and just got back with TA instead, shame really, surprising and disappointing too
  7. Local HQs can be s*ite. Nobody gets tasked with adult recruitment, just cadet recruitment. and the number they give you always rings somebody who's job is nothing to do with it anyway (that is the case throughout the armed forces mind)

    a large problem is that whilst the ACF as a whole are crying out for instructors, a lot of counties are happy with their adult numbers (usually around 3 per det) and don't get too fussed over new ones. I say that from a genuine observation.
  8. I sent off for the DVD. Got that, watched it and decided to go for it.

    I phoned 2 sectors and one county (the one that I commute in and out of daily) as I live on the borders orf all three. Left messages on answerphones. None got back to me. And one of those sectors has closed a third of it dets because they have no staff to run them!

    So I went along to a Det I found on a website and just pitched up one night with my certificates and a mini CV and asked to speak to the det commander. Then it all started happening.

    Its true, HQs are so compartmentalised, if no-one is tasked to do specifics, they simply don't get done, and adult recruitment is not a responsibility that ever seems to be in someones job description. They are getting better though and my sector does seem to have a lot of new staff in the training platoon, who will be posted to units soon.

    Perhaps the ACF needs a small National recruitment team, permanently staffed working full time?
  9. The further up the chain you go, the less the effects of understaffing impinge on the individual. It may well also be an indication of how well you'll be valued and treated if you do join the unit in question.
  10. Unfortunately it seems the only way to get with the ACF as an adult is to turn up at a unit and make your actual existence known.
  11. To be honest, that is by far the best way.

    You get a picture of your local unit (the one you'll be likely to be serving at - at least at first) and to meet the personalities involved.

    The DC will have the access to the local HQ to arrange interviews and documentation. In my opinion, it's a more reliable and more pain-free way to join.
  12. I have posted my thoughts and feelings on the matter. Lets hope it generates a few new instructors. I know I could do with one or two at my detachment (South Coast) but if it gets a few more through the doors then I'm all for it!