Cadet GP Rifle Replacement

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by clanker, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone heard what the new Cadet rifle is going to be, CTC Frimley were saying on my KGV1 that GP will go end 2006, and new rifle in early 2007, any idea on the spec?
  2. yeah it may be the A1 with the change lever removed. So you have a semi-auto rifle.
  3. i will believe that when i have one in my hands
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  4. why would they change the rifle? its perfectly good for its intended purpose

    the cadets never get enough ammo to make it worthwhile changing to a semi
  5. Yeah... but its damn annoying having to cock the rifle for the female cadets EVERY shot!!!

  6. Little ones with BFA's

    I don't think so, it would mean teaching 1*s more SAA, and the real clincher would be the huge amounts of paperwork. They don't need a semi-auto weapon. The only advantage it would have would be for target shooting, as it is a cnut to have to cock it and re-aim after every shot.
  7. What aload of old B*llox. Why do the cadets have to use a different rifle, nowdays? In my day we used the .303 and then changed over to the slr. The same weapons that were used in the armed forces at the time. Some of the kids were good shots using either of the weapons anyway. Is it just another excuse for the cooks and bottle washers to make more of a 'them and us' thing?
  8. Its all guff anyway - the sea cadets still use the number 8 .22rf rifle and for full bore the 7.62 L81A2

    Who cares. honnestly?

  9. This rumour of a new/replacement rifle for Cadets has been going on for about 6 years atleast. Until you hear fact, take an info about a new weapon with a pinch of salt.

    Everything I've seen would suggest that Cadets won't get A1s as no new weapons were produced for the A2 upgrade, and the remaining A1s are in reserve for emergencies. This isn't first-hand though so I stand to be corrected.

  10. I'd rather have some of the stockpiled SLR's than a new GP rifle.
  11. I think you'll find they sold most of the SLR's to the african nations, they've been killing each other with our old weapons for years!
  12. Whilst rooting through some paperwork from HQ land (if my memory serves correctly) the replacement rifle was due to enter service end 2006. However this is after reviewing budgets and training aspects etc.
    The new rifle is indeed supposed to bea converted version of the A1 with the change lever removed.
    The idea behind this apparently is to save of cost of repairs, make the transition from the GP to LSW easier for a cadet to manage, allows for a better shot by not having to cock the weapon each time and also improves on safety by having a BFA attached.
    But as stated before. Believe it when they are in your amouries because the rumours been flying round for bloody ages. :)
  13. You can beleive it. Is been done to death on this forum already.

    80 'Super Ensigns' (an L85A1 without a selector therfore semi auto or 'repitition' only) are sitting in an armoury in an South East Airbase. Nobody knows quite what to do with them at the moment.

    These were manufactured way back when and originally touted as the civvy/police version (you could own semi-auto centrefire until 1988 in theUK), but the police never took to them, them being entirely right handed and other points too.

    H&K have already proposed the new rifle to the MOD. But there is no new money.

    This will likely not be a conversion.

    Enfield/BAe factory is now a shopping centre

    These may well be rebuilds from L86 LSWs, but last I heard they were to be converted to 'Stubby k's'?

    They could go for new uppers for existing L98 lowers. Thats the cheapest option, but long term serviceability might be a problem?

    The stored 80 super ensigns may form the initial batch issued?

    AND/OR completely new rifles!?

    My bet is completely new rifles, for commonality, durability & service support reasons
  14. No it isn't - the design is inherently dangerous!

    It's difficult to cock (especially when damp) therefore you get small cadets with a wavering barrel. Also, the lack of BFA means there's nothing to stop the detritus produced by a blank round exiting the barrel at a high rate of knots.

    The proposed new weapon should address these problems.
  15. There is another issue not mentioned , from what i understand the GPs are now starting to reach the end of their shelf life and a major upgrade is needed soon , but we are running out of spares so the parts have to be cannibalised robbing peter to pay paul, i think we have enough to last us til 2010, eventually we will need to replace them otherwise there won't be much shooting in the ACF.