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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Country_Bumpkin, Mar 30, 2006.

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  1. Fellow ACF forum Arrsers (all half dozen of you),
    It has come to my attention that there is an apparent disparity between the CFM and the VRSM. The VRSM is awarded for 10 years service with the TA/RAFR/RNR whereas the CFM is awarded for 12 years service. Also the conditions of the VRSM seem to be much less rigid (you are allowed a break in service apparently). Given that someone in the ACF does far more work that someone in the TA, and for far less recognition and financial reward, is it fair that they can get their medal 'no questions asked' after two years less?
    I encourage you all to petition your local MP to have this injustice remedied.
  2. And we are better looking than them.
  3. I will remember that next time I see Cadet tabbing over brecon or out in the bigsand pit putting themselfs in harms way how much work they do compared to the TA and how deserving they are for a medal???
  4. I think you should revise that statement. ACF is JUST a bunch of cadets, nothing more nothing less. Members of the TA work hard and you are in no position to make such generalisations. The TA are paid for the work they do. Cadet forces get less pay and less recognition because they do not deserve the same recognition or pay as members of the TA. I have nothing against cadets but statements like that piss me off.
  5. Why do you care you cant wear on a sas smock anyway . :lol:
  6. You get a medal for being the cadets? They'll be giving them out for going on TELIC next!
  7. Ah shit - we've been infiltrated by loads of non-ACF people.

    Okay "ACF do far much more work than the TA" was a rash statement which I RETRACT unreservedly - it is probably fairer to say "ACF put in far more hours for much less recognition and reward". Very few TA people I know would even cross the threshold of the TA Centre gates without being paid 1/4 day. As much as you guys may dislike it I know many people join the TA for the loot and only the loot. Cue replies about "kiddy fiddling" and "Waltism".
  8. No problems we have all said stupid things on here from time to time .The ACF does a valuable job but medals need to be earned
    and people at ahigher pay grade than me have laid conditions downs for them .
  9. I've seen this one. It's now referred to as the "show me on the teddy where the bad man touched you" medal.

    Right, that the kiddy fiddling joke out of the way, who's going to accuse them of waltism?
  10. Yea i know many people who also wouldnt cross the gates if they wouldnt get paid but then again i know a lot who would and do give up there time for the ta,some giving up time with their main jobs which may pay better. But like its been said the ta go do the job bearing in mind that at somew point they may well be asked to give their life-so perhaps that earns them a little more laxness in the rule. I agree that the acf do a lot of valuable work, and the medals are there to recognise that. But as your meant to be in it for the enjoyment and satisfaction of seeing the kids reap the benefits should be reward enough then why argue over two years?
  11. The ACF is a youth organistaion sponsored by the MoD, how can you compare it to the Army......
  12. Are ACF instructors mobilised for ops??? Do they have have to pass ITD's? NO!!! So stop whinging wait the extra two years to get a choccy medal!
  13. That must make regulars the lowest of the low (what’s new there then), they have to wait 15 years for their long service medal. !!!
  14. As TA, I had the "privilege" of having to teach some cadets the other night...on their turf. They ate me for breakfast!!!! I now have full respect for the ACF instructors - I don't ever want to do that again unless I can be fully armed!!
    Anyway, back on thread, I can understand your frustration, but it probably goes back to when there was the TEM, which was for 12 years service (correct me if I am wrong). When it changed to the VRSM, some clod in the MoD probably didn't think of changing the CFM conditions.
  15. I would be VERY surprised if teh Govt decides to change the terms and conditions of Adult Instructors employment :lol:

    I must admit 12 years is a long drag, the TEM is also 12 years as MBG commented some clod has probably forgotten to amend it on par with the VRSM which is a similar award for long service.
    yes cadets can be hard work however as with the TA who also work just as hard in different way, the two cannot be compared directly as their nature of work is different
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.