Cadet Force Info Anyone?

Apologies fuku (I assume pronounced fookoo :lol: ) if I've misunderstood the question but did it occur to you to check on the "OTC & ACF" forum below this one?

Apologies msr if I'm stepping on the moderator's toes.
Not at all!

All constructive comments gratefully received.

But I can't help thinking it's pronounced f*ck you.

you thinking of joining as a Instructor ? Fuku
If you type ACF into google it leads you to the website of the Australian Cat Fanciers Club. Is that what you were after?
Checked the forum below. The web site you are advised to follow in the forum seems to be aimed purely at the junior members rather than instructors etc. The only part of it one could reasonably expect to be used by instructors, officers & the like has no posts!

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