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Discussion in 'ACF' started by semper, Sep 6, 2006.

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  1. Cadetdirect good or shite ?
  2. Semper, please explain yourself? Am I missing something obvious here?
  3. It's a shop where you can buy cadets by mail order.

    It's a bit like Thai brides, but smaller and wearing DPM.
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  4. Do they come in pink?
  5. That's the last time I make a joke without reading everbody else's posts.
  6. sorry, by that i mean is the items they sell are known to be of good quality and reasonable price and good customer care and i saw cadet direct advertised so im posing this question here.

    i shopped with one online cadet shop and it was a bad experience as they fobbed me off when they didn't have the item for sale also spurious reason as to why i can't have the item in the first place especially after taking my money and i had to threaten legal action to get it back.

    so i am trying to find a reputable online cadet shop some members here have had good dealings with in the past, if you know of better ones im listening.
  7. It makes sense. Though asking 'Has anyone had good or bad customer service experiences with the mail order company Cadet Direct?' might have been helpful!
  8. Not bad, no serious problems with them, other than the prces. Now the ACF Kit Shop has closed they could become the main supplier
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I dealt with them last year, decent service, decent delivery but I would only buy specific cadet things from them. General military kit can be had cheaper elsewhere from suppliers who aim at the grown up market.
  10. After 23 years and days to do I'm so chuffed I don't have to get involved with 'cadet kit'!
  11. Semper

    Cadet direct are poo. I have only had bad experience with them. The kit they sell is the same as most other places however it can often be found cheaper elsewhere.

    I raised a complaint with them and instead of dealing with my complaint the nobbs put my email address on their mailing list i now keep getting pointless emails from them. Not what I term good service.
  12. Prices are way over the top - 40% in some cases, service is good but cs-95 stock levels are often poor. are always worth a look for lowa / arktis / nanok - the high end stuff
  13. Breaking into the QM's offers the greatest discounts...
  14. Strikeforcesupplies are really good. Bergan, sidepouches and daysack yoke for £55! Nice service and only took about 2 days to get to me. Reccommend them to anyone. Also try the ARRSE shop and garrisonpri, both top.
  15. [I like Soldier of Fortune and Drop Zone Supplies. The latest good one is Strikeforce supplies.[/quote]

    I have used Cadet Direct for ACF specific with no problem. Probably depends on what kit you want, I agree they are on expensive side. Also used Drop Zone, they were good. I have used Soldier of Fortune at shows, they are OK. Some of cheapest kit can be obtained at Military Vehicle shows, lot of stalls all competing with one another.
    I am told has good prices for the Adidas GSG-9 Tactical Boots, as per special forces support units et al.