Cadet courses?

My son who recently joined the ACF is having a great time. However since he was playing rugby for a village team he didn't join the cadets until this year rather than last. In effect he is now a year behind his peer group.

He was tild that he cannot be a 1 star cadet until he has done camp, next summer, or a course.

Are there 1 week/2 week cadet courses he can do over the half term holidays etc that will enable him to catch up?

Many, many years ago I used to be a Marine Cadet and I was always on one course or another, my years seemed full of them, either at RM/RN establishments or Frimley Park.

Is it still the same and the same for the ACF?

Many thanks to all involved with this very special and worthwhile organisation.


Doing weekend camps or easter or summer camp is usually associated with said camps running the assessments to qualify at 1 Star level. Depends on the individual County as to how they organise it.

For example we have a "1 Star Battle Camp" weekend at Company level - lets Training 1 Stars get their Fieldcraft training, Expedition and such. Assesment weekends are used for Shooting, WHT's and First Aid.

Attendance at Annual is not generally a pre-requisite for achieving 1 Star. Your best bet is to speak to the Detachment Commander where your son parades. In the final analysis said DC can get clarification from Company 2IC or Company Commander if required.

Good luck.
There is no APC requirement for a cadet to attend Annual Camp before passing 1*. That will be a local Detachent/Company/County decission. It is probably based on concept that cadets join in September, take 3 months to do Basic and then 9 to complete 1*. As Ranger_Danger says, speak to the Detachment Commander.
1* training can be done at the Detachment and although testing should be at Company level, it can be done locally, providing the tester is in no way involved in the training, ie from another Detachment or CHQ, and the Company has been advised and has authorised it.
There are no national APC courses below 4 star level, but a county may organise them. My county does some 3* courses, below that it is Company responsibility.
(APC = Army Proficiency Certificate, ie the 'Star' system, apologies to Cardinal if you knew that).
Hope you cann resolve your sons situation.

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