Cadet Corps Of Drums

I have just been asked to take over looking after our Corps Of Drums. Basically they have spent a great deal of time learning things by heart from history but their technique is omewhat lacking. I wondered if anyone from Cadets, TA or Regs could point me in the direction of the basic army drumming instruction stuff. I could rewrite it from my old days in a band but if there is anything else available it would be a great help. I already have a call in to the Cadet Music people and have a number for the Army Corps of Music but wondered if anyone else here could help.
You may get more response if you give info on location and instrumentation. Then you may get some joint session going which tends to help raise standards as they play off each other (no pun intended).
OK thanks. I am doing that it is more getting arrangements that are a problem and the training stuff so the drummers in particular can practice away from Band nights. Right now they are doing it from memory and with little in the way of teaching aids.

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