Cadet Classic F*ckwitt Moments

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Blackrat, Sep 19, 2007.

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  1. Had to share this with you all. We just had our Company mil skills this weekend and one of the things they had to do was a written test about general military knowledge. What follows are genuine answers from the scrotes.

    Q: What rank does a section commander usually hold?
    A: Map & Compass

    Q: Name 3 infantry regiments
    A: PWRR, The Rifles, Jewish

    Q: What rank usually commands a battalion?
    A: Lance jack

    Q: Name the six section battle drills
    A: Prep for battle, Run, Execute, War

    Q: Name 3 Guards regiments
    A: Paras, Army Air Corps, Guards

    Any fellow arrsers have similar gems from our young little warriors?
  2. PS. Many thanks to Freddie the Gooner for all his help.
  3. Are those answers wrong? PMSL
  4. that answer to the section battle drills is a smart one! hahah, its even got the PREWAR to it - quality, must remember that one.
  5. There were more Irish. These pearlers just stuck in my mind.
  6. are these answers from ACF or OTC?
  7. Got to be ACF.

    Even so, I've heard some crackers from OCdts.
  8. ive seen some amusing stuff, but its more practical stuff and not stuff like that but wat the hey.

    recruits picking up GPs and saying how much they have fired weapons before, then holding it as if it was some sort of RPG launcher. butt on the shoulder and gripping the magazine.

    priceless coz they get put straight in thier place
  9. When teaching History of Flight:

    "Did we win world war two then?"
    "Oh, was Pearl Harbour real?"
    [about WW2] "Were the Americans on our side?"

    I wish I'd made these up :(
  10. My girlfriend didn't know that D-Day was 'different to' Dunkirk. This was last month.
  11. I understand the confusion on that one. :lol: :wink: :lol:
  12. My concern is that one of the ACF instructors is calling the cadets 'scrotes', not really the term to best describe them on an open forum ?
    If the cadets are coming up with such answers, in my mind as an instructor, the question should be, have I taught them correctly, not lets take the mick out of them ?
  13. Aircraft recce quiz at camp (just returned from Newark so a lot of their exhibits thrown in)answers

    Pointy one from the knife drawer (Lightning)
    Japanese Ninja Death Star (Draken)

    Being shown around a Gazelle "which pedal is the brake and whats the accelerator"
  14. Lets face facts it ain't the Officer Corp so SNCO/NCO is not far off the truth!

    Retreats from room.
  15. Careful Big, your blood pressure will go through the roof. As the thread states, it was general military knowledge, not part of the syllabus. Scrotes they may be, but they are my scrotes.