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Cadet Chandler, the Emo shite.

Gents, as you are all aware, we have had a recent arrival to the site, in the form of an "Emo"....

Now, apparently they like to cut themselves, strange, strange creatures.

Anyhow, upon spotting this individual, I thought I'd be nice, so I sent him the following PM.....

This is not a site for Cadets. Leave, and go to www.armycadetforce.com. Its a lot friendlier for Cadets.

The ACF section on here is for ACF instructors to discuss their issues, not for cadets to discuss what to get up to at night. As well as that, your PERSEC isn't very good, for instance, I already know that your name is Chandler, you're a Cadet, RA badged etc etc....

Someone will know you, and its not worth getting pinged.
I thought I was being nice, apart from my usual responses! So when I received the following PM back, I thought it was only polite to open it up to the NAAFI......

wat makes you think youd ever find out about me, as u said all u know is surname, badge and that im cadet

you would never find out where i go and wat makes you think id ever tell you

'friendlier' i think i can take a load of verbal thank you, do as i wish so your advise has been noticed as subsiquently ignored

good day 2 u
Now, do any of out ACF brethren know of an Emo called Chandler who's RA badged?

The guy is a complete c*ck, I tried warning him politely but nope, he wants to go on a victim trip. For the love of all things good please 02 tag him.
He made a few lovely posts on a topic about weapon cleaning kits, and then went completely off on one, saying about how his life is now at an end since his lady-friend left him.

Stanley blades at the ready then! Bless him.

Does he cry during drill??
also often we self harm when feeling down
My correction to give some meaning to his explanation of his tag (wrong - his definition of emo). Hope he takes that part seriously and does a good job of it

Edited for being an emo myself. I'll now go and drown myself in beer
yes they do because im the most senior cadet at my unit so im in charge of our weapons
well our nco is incompetent and i do all the weapons testing, cleaning teaching and admin
Surely the incompetent NCO must have appointed the Cadet in the first place, thus gaining him the mark of "incompetent".


Book Reviewer
Skittles said:
Blonde moment - what the hell is an 'Emo'?
Isn't it a creature out of Sesame Street?
It's like a goth, but younger, shorter, and just as carp. And I should have said, less "well" dressed.

edited for being forgetful.
Skittles said:
Blonde moment - what the hell is an 'Emo'?
Isn't it a creature out of Sesame Street?
An Emo is an "Emotional", or Grunge Kid who has jet black hair, a skateboard, scars on wrists and a skateboard. Made out of a coffin.
Also cries a lot, especially after their pale-face partner leaves them for a peice of sensibility and normality.

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