Cadet camp vs Employers

Just curious before everyone starts having a dig!!!!!!

I was thinking about what to do with my new found time now the mrs has won the fight and MADE me pack TA in!!!!!

Apart from spending more time with the family (incase the mrs is reading this!!!)

Anyway, question.....

I've have 2 weeks booked off work at the moment as "TA time" which i will now not be using.... (the thought of taking it and not telling them I'd left NEVER crossed my mind as that would be wrong!)


Say I was a Cadet Instructor, do employers still feel obligated to give you time off?

Any views....?
On my annual camp form it did say something about County HQ being able to arrange a leave of absence. Id call your local County HQ to find out.
the ACF is under the RFCA therefore under TA albeit we are classed as civilian employee excepting for officers which comes under TA general list B,

it would still be technically correct to claim time off in military leave from work, my employer lets me go on 2 weeks paid military leave for ACF activities. all you need to do is obtain a copy of the part one orders if they ever ask for it to confirm dates of your annual camp,I have kept copies but they have never asked to see it yet. play up the military side of it, less of the civvie side.

hope that helps
It all depends who you work for?

In most branches of the civil service, you can usually get 10 days special leave annually WITH pay to attend cadet camps. I have as a working age cadet and adult instructor.

If they give you TA time, they would probably give you ACF time instead. At least your more likely to come back alive and intact from St Martins Plain than Basra (use that as a selling point)

Bearing in mind that you wont be expected to do a tour of six months every two to four years it means less time away from the coalface
Public service will usually give you the ten days extra paid leave to attend ACF annual camp, private employers usually will not.
My employer, the Local (Education) Authority allows 2 weeks off with pay for "Non-Regular Forces" to attend "Annual Camp", although I am supposed to pay back any renumeration I get while attending camp.

Now my boss takes this to mean that I can get time off for ATC camps, and who am I to disagree with him.
Hi Guys

On my IAB (Initial Assessment BOarding) weeked, my Commandant told us that unlike the TA, there is no legal stance to force employers to allow time off whether it is paid or unpaid to attend ACF camps or training.

Personally I think this is unfair, however, seeing as ACF staff do not come under Military law until they are commissioned it makes sense.

I have to use my yearly holiday to attend ACF camps, which is why the ACF is more relaxed with regards to camps. Whereas int he TA you must attend a certain number of training weekends and camps a year, there is no such requirement int he ACF as an adult, however, the commitment still has to be there with rgeards to attending where possible and showing up on parade nights.

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