Discussion in 'ACF' started by walt_of_the_walts, Dec 14, 2007.

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  1. Anyone heard this one?:

    Cadet Forces will be getting a stripped down version of BOWMAN circa 2008/9 to replace their aging CLANSMAN kit

    Anyone out there heard any more about that? Or is it just wishful thinking
  2. Haha! I think it's going to happen right after cadets all get issued the '10,000 L-85's that they found in a hanger' etc etc.

    2009? I don't even think the TA will have it by then.

    T C
  3. More likely you will get the best and possibly newer manufacture of the Clansman being withdrawn.
  4. What on earths a stripped down version of bowman ? Only have half the frequencies ?

    Question you have to ask your self is exactly WHY you need to have anything to do with Bowman, radios yes, but why bowman ? and dont say "to prepare you fro joining up" as I am pretty sure that its not (supposed) to be the mandate for the ACF
  5. The obsolesance notice for Clansman states that it will continue to be used by UOTCs and (Junior) cadet forces. With a pool of replacements held centrally.

    So don't expect Bowman (except poss PRR, which isn't really Bowman proper) in Uni Military Club or Cadets any time soon.
  6. Rumour is 2012 they will be in full service. I doubt it.
  7. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Why would you need it? I'm otc, and Clansman is more than enough for us. A 352 and GSA gives us enough flexibility to deal with pretty much anything. 349s are shit though.

    Either that, or the old combat nokia!

    What's wrong with a bit of shouting anyways!
  8. Are you going to believe this rumour? Did your mate Dave have a mate who's mate's dad heard them say it? There is no need for ACF/CCF or OTC to have the Blue force tracker and Data link aspect. And why would cadets need secure comms? A 349 or 320 is enough, even though 349's are a f*cking pain!

    T C
  9. I'm just saying. And no actually we were told by our county sigs officer.
  10. Well lets hope Kent ACF dont get it.

    They managed to burn down their stores in Shorncliffe at the weekend.

    It looked a right mess this morning.
  11. And there's all their diffies for the last ten years fixed in the space of a weekend...
  12. Silent Scope, your Sigs Officer is obviously a WALT bluffer, clearly the Cadets will not get bowman!. They can't even provide the basic's for Regs let alone spending millions on cadets. Think man!!!
  13. He is talking out of his arrse then.

    Unless he is confusing PRRs with Bowman.
  14. eeerm I very much doubt it , can't see a cadet minbus with a vudt and 355 vmg clip in can you ....?