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Discussion in 'US' started by Travelgall, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Top lesbian cadet Katherine Miller quits U.S. military | Mail Online

    'Our dire need to gossip has led to the development of our own lingo. We’ll give our girlfriends a masculine nickname (my Kristin became “Kris”). Or if questioning another cadet’s sexuality, we’ll ask, “Yo, is that girl family?” WTF "Yo, is that girl family".

    Good lord, next it will be Warning Orders in Text speak. "Yo, wez gonna cruze da hood and put a cap in the bloods ass, you feeling me homes"? Doesn't this woman realise she's going to be an officer in the US Army, not some gangbangers bit on the side. There isn't any greater honour than being an Officer in your nations armed forces. Ghastly woman.

    'We resemble our male cadet counterparts exceptionally well. We really could be an asset to unit cohesion, bonding with men over our mutual love for women.'

    Yeah, that's right Love, as long as you can fart in bed too - you'll fit right in. FFS
  2. Is she Obamas love child??
  3. Or Bill Clintons?
  4. I love the comments from the "Daily Hate" mob. Almost as amusing as the NAAFI Bar.

    Her blog posts seem reasonable at a quick scan. And it isn't as if we were all rushing to JJH's love-in about DADT and its possible effect on Bradley Manning's loyalty to his country.
  5. Get a grip, Princess. Lots of cadets drop before the start of their third year for lots of reasons- and doing so to transfer to Yale on a scholarship is one of the better ones. It may have been a mistake to sign up in the knowledge that she was a lesbian, but she would have been a 17 year-old kid at the time. She subsequently decided the Army wasn't the place for her. She played by the rules. End of story.

    You might think being an officer is the be-all/end all of human of existence. I imagine that you're in a tiny minority of the human race who thinks that. Remember, West Point is a university as much as it is an officer factory and a lot of people apply there because it provides an exceptionally good, "free" education and a guaranteed job at the end of it.
  6. Couldn't care less what she gets up to in her spare time. I would say i'd be happy to film it but she ain't a looker. What does bother me is the way she speaks. She's supposed to be an officer, set an example, and - gosh darn it - sound intelligent. Not sound like she's doing a duet with Missy Elliot. And as for her coment about fitting in because her and the men both fancy women, you've got to be joking, she'd be as welcome as your mum asking how many times you knock one out a week because she's read an article on ball cancer.
  7. Did you read the actual article Crabtastic? She didn't play by the rules, you're supposed to shut the hell up in the US Army about what you get up to in bed, and she blogged about it instead. And now she's whining like a Pratt and Whitney about how deeply UNFAIR it all is, and that as soon as the rules change she's coming back in a blaze of glory.

    Be all and end all of human existence. Forgive me if I expect Officers to be articulate. I expect I'm in the majority both here and the general population. And yes I am aware of the educational capabilities of West Point. The point is she took a free ride from the state when every other bugger in the colonies pays for their education, she took it for free and then didn't stop shinfing about the terms and conditions she signed up for. I consider her no different to a welfare cheat.
  8. Didn't realise they needed to grade lesbian's, or indeed you had a whole cadre dedicated to lesbianism?
  9. No, but she is a "committed lesbian", which is a good thing because those "am I, aren't I" lesbians get right on your tits.
  10. Here's her resignation letter explaining her reasoning. Next time consider your source before you start gobbing off about her being inarticulate. It's the Daily Fascist, for God's sake.

    West Point Cadet Katherine Miller resignation ltr

    (Edit) Her blog is anonymous (although her avatar is now her picture since she's "come out") and it only began at the end of May- probably once she made the decision to leave. Remember, under the bizzare policy of DADT, there is nothing to prevent her from taking a place at USMA or from serving, so long as she doesn't disclose that side of her life. She decided that it had become untenable, she signed off. Simples.

    A Private Speaks Out on DADT | Dyke Culture in Bloom

    Even among officers, how you talk among friends is not always how you talk when on the clock. and I dare say she's a damn sight more articulate than most arrsers who'd consider posting here.
  11. I see what you did there... :)
  12. For those who can't be bothered to read the letter, here is a summary:-

    1. I'm one of the best cadets at the Academy. You're lucky to have me.

    2. I am the only gay in the village.

    3. I demand the right to bore the arrse of everybody within earshot by never shutting up about the fact I'm a lesbian.

    4. When the joint chiefs and the President realise what a mistake they've made by driving superior beings like me out of the forces with DADT, you can give me a ring at Yale. I MIGHT decide to give you another chance.

    5 Did I mention how great I am and how sorry you'll be when I'm gone?

    Admiral Mariner (Rtd) responds:-

    1 Getting on the Dean's list in your sociology class has no relevance to your resignation, nor to your likely performance as an officer in the armed forces.

    2. The fact that you can bench press more than any two of the men in your class is not relevant either.

    3. While I don't know you personally, the level of arrogance displayed in your resignation letter, your on line attention seeking and the fact that your entire being appears to be defined by your sexuality renders you unfit for military service, no matter how deep your knowledge of sociology. Do the Yanks not do a psychiatric examination of potential cadets before admission to the service academies?

    4. As homosexuality was an imprisonable offence in my day, I've never had the pleasure of listening to a lesbian lecturing me on the relative merits of strapons and rampant rabbits. However, I have had more than one invitation to the junior rate's mess spoiled by the only straight in the village lecturing on the relative merits of KY and Swarfega when sodomizing the wife. It 'aint pleasant.

    5. On behalf of the entire United States Army and the woman who was deprived of a place at West Point by your admission, I would like to wish you well and say fcuk you very much for your service.
  13. Well done, A-M. Paul Dacre will be in touch with you on the weekend to fill in for Richard Littlejohn.
  14. I would take great pleasure in filling in Richard Littlejohn - the man's a communist.
  15. Just because he appears to be channeling a total arrse doesn't mean he hasn't got a point.

    I have to say, though, our basic was never as regimented - or as long - as their's is. But there are some gems in there. Can you imagine a OCdt being allowed to attend the Commons' Defence Select Committee? I got into enough trouble with that mob years later. She, apparently attended a "House Armed Services Committee hearing addressing military personnel policies."

    Regardless of what you or I think of gay people in the forces, I suggest that DADT is the worst of all possible worlds. It allies the religious facade of the past with the authoritarianism of modern government and the pathetic prurience of managerialism.

    If you think gay people are a threat to combat effectiveness - ban them (which, of course, we couldn't 'cause it is illegal under EHCR but, hey). If they're no threat, let them do the job. Don't allow them in but make them lie about it.