Cadet and MoD settle injury case

Discussion in 'ACF' started by arby, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has settled a legal action brought by an army cadet who claimed she was scarred for life during a training camp.

    Claire Huntington, 22, had been seeking £20,000 damages after being hit in the face with a rock during a climbing exercise in Perthshire.

    Ms Huntington, from Shetland, felt the sergeants in charge should have foreseen such problems.

    An out-of-court settlement was reached for an undisclosed sum.

    'Mood swings'

    Ms Huntington had been on an exercise at Craig A Barnes, near Blair Atholl, in April 2003 when the accident happened.

    In her original claim, she said she instinctively looked up when a warning was shouted from above and was struck by a rock which had fallen 30ft.

    She was taken to Ninewells Hospital in Dundee and needed stitches to a 6cm cut across her cheek.

    She claimed she has been left with "a permanent facial deformity" because of the accident.

    Ms Huntington believed her superiors should have inspected the rockface for loose sections ahead of the exercise and should have kept cadets at a safe distance away from the area when others were climbing.

    Her action also claimed that the accident left her suffering "mood swings" and a "loss of confidence".

    Part of her claim was for £62.99 for the top and jacket paramedics cut from her at the scene.

    The MoD initially defended the action but Perth Sheriff Court has now been told that the parties have agreed a settlement.

    Just to clarify, Ms Huntington, so there's no confusion in the future. When someone shouts ROCKFALL or CLEAR or LOOK OUT LUV THERE'S A REALLY BIG NASTY SHARP ROCK FALLING DOWN" Don't look up, you total spaz. And, if in the future, you are still stupid enough to look up, don't bitch when you get a scratch or two, ok?

    So, all aboard the outrage train. Being a climber of many years myself, I find it confusing that a) you can really believe that you can foresee rockfalls, beyond "yes they might happen, so wear a lid" and b) that the MoD has to pay for her blatant fcuking stupidity.
  2. Four!!

    IA: Cover head with arms whilst crouching behind golf bag/nearest bush/tree/other golfer.

    Never taught, just instinct.
  3. Does this open the floodgate to anyone injured during public order? Stones, half-bricks... "Well, your honour, I feel I have lost al my self confidence since that scrote threw a petrol bombo at me"....
  4. My bold, surely that's just part of being a woman. :D

    In fact I seem to remember a few years back when doing the rolling thing in a kayak I ingested a small amount of lake water (which was not purified) by mistake. Maybe I can sue the MOD for either attempted poisoning or gross negligence for not putting the whole lake through a Britta filter before allowing us on / in it! 8O
  5. During basic I was called a cunt on various occasions, and subjected to "corrective PT" as part of a group.

    How many zero's can I claim for that then!
  6. A 22yr old cadet? Well at least she'll be safe from Semper. She's too old...and the wrong gender
  7. As many as you fcuking like, as there will be no leading number in front, YEW HORRIBIL LITTEL WERM (My best Worn Out TPI impression) :wink:
  8. Does that meen all past/present instructors/recruits at ATR Bassingbourn can claim then?

    That lake is full of all sorts of shit :roll:

    As I am sat at my desk sweating my t1ts off, can I sue for a bit of grit in my eye? 8O
  9. No, but if you've really grown some might be in with a shout!
  10. Do moobs count :?
  11. They should not have settled!! They should have offered her another go and hurled a frickin enormous boulder at her!! "That'll teach you, you stupid scar face bint!!

    I hate this someone else's' responsibility culture.
  12. is there no "act of God" or "force majour" in a risk assessment? I was always under the impression that the phrase, where reasonably practicable was the guiding factor?
  13. I think the case here is, someone would have asked have you checked the rock face prior to climbing for any loose rocks etc before the kids started.

    The lawyers (Scum) will have argued that the face should have been checked first, then it should have been mentioned in the brief, in the event of hearing below DON'T look up and move into the rock face.

    If the risk assessment didn't say this or the written brief in the covering letter didn't mention the saftey brief the lawyers will have probably argued that is wasn't done.

    They'll have settled out of court due to a paper error is my guess
  14. Woohoo!! ££££££££ Kerr-Ching!!!!
  15. somebody shouts below don't look up tough shit if you do