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Was it wrong of me to get Cadets to dig out my Dads pond and build a simple brickwall?

I gave them bread and water and made simple kepis as the sun was blistering.
the pond digging i told them was practice for "digging 4 man fire trenches" and those wanting to join the Enginers gained great experience from lugging bricks up and down scaffolding.
There was some delay when a young recruit got his spade caught in the powerfull cement mixer but we managed to drag his scrwney body away from danger just in time.
I think it was a great day had by all, and with my forward planning made sure they all brought with them bus and train fair to get home.

they seamed to work harder when i offered the quickest worker promotion.

is this what is ment by Cadet and Comunity or have i got it arse over tit....?

You Tool

probably a post better placed in the NAAFI bar forum or the sandbags section.
not very creditable at all for this section, possibly even sending out the wrong message to ACF bods and kids that looks in this section.

in short a bone post.


War Hero
I don't like to agree with Semper but he's right. A bone post if ever there was one...

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