Cadet AIs and Police Officers

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by bensonby, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone here a cadet AI and a serving police officer (specifically Met Police)?

    If so could you please drop me a PM or post a swift reply here?

    Cheers in advance.
  2. Are you fishing for info on someoen who is/claims to be an AI and ios serving in the met or are you met and interested in becoming an AI?
  3. I am Met and I want to become/am thinking about becoming an AI.

    I was thinking about (re)joining the TA but only 0.5% of Met officers are allowed to be in the reserve forces. There is currently a waiting list.

    So I thought perhaps I could use my spare time productively and persue military interest by becoming an AI. I feel I might have something to offer, even if its just a pair of hands and eyes...

    However from what I understand "reseve forces" includes AIs and Cat B commissions for the purposes of Met HR. But I'd like to know if I'm correct in my understanding. As there is no call-up liability that seems a little misguided. The people at Met HR weren't particularly knowledgeable on the subject.....
  4. Only Commissioned ranks could be interpreted as Reserve Forces - AIs are basically casual civilian employees of the local RFCA.
  5. Bensonby, pm me your contact details or pop into where I work...... i can assist.

    BTW ACF service is not counted as reserve service cos theres no call up comitment.

  6. ACF commissioned ranks are not reserve forces. You have no call-up liability. You may be subject to QRs but that is because the Army need someone to grip if it all goes pete tong on, or with MOD/Army property. Your employment is as 'casual' as is the AIs, as you can resign at any time.

    Indications are, though that this casual status is going to be firmed up across the whole of the cadet forces. Issuing MOD90s and army numbers to AIs seems to be the first tentative steps. I hear of talks at high levels in the Army/MOD, but it would probably require an act of parliament to get the status changed to non deployable member of HM Forces or whatever? The only change will be that they too will be subject to QRs.

    AFAIK Four cadet force officers are to be court martialled, or have been reported for court martial recently. All in the ATC (RAFVRT) and I think they are all co-defendants in the same incident/investigation.
  7. Please note I said "could be interpreted as". Although, it is very clearly drummed into one upon Commissioning that one is a 'member of the armed forces and subject to military law at all times'. That doesn't sit too well with casual employment does it? The story of the four crabs bear this out to an extent doesn't it?
  8. TA soldiers are also unfairly regarded as 'casuals' according to the MOD, so we probably don't rate too highly in there estimation either. But I think that this will not remain the status quo and I see what you are getting at.

    As for the crabs, I can't find out much, but I think its a fraud case of some specific sort that couldn't be effectively dealt with in a civil Crown court. It is still very unlikely that CFAV Officers would face a Courts Martial, unless it's a case of 'pour les encourages les autres' Verdun 1915 Style!
  9. FWIW it is generally agreed on Air Cadet Central that RAFVR(T) are Reserve Forces (part of the RAF Reserve, in fact) and RFA96 gives the secretary of state the right to transfer us to the RAuxAF at our substantive rank (Fg Off or below) if he needs to. I struggle to think of a national emergency sufficiently dire to require my services, but there you are...

  10. Not by me it isn't.

    Air Cadet Central is populated and moderated by arrogant social climbers who think they are part of the RAF's ORBAT :ROFL:

    You are not 'Reserve' or 'Auxilliary' anything, regardless of what RFA'96 says.

    You are an administrative link to the parent arm. Someone to discipline if it all goes Pete tong and you lose a cadet or MOD equipment for example. Exactly the same as ACF Officers. Youth leaders.

    Any CFAV Officer who tries to allude to being 'Reserve Forces' is a fool and an embarassment to either organisation. You are a youth worker with a Royal Appointment. Live up to that role and don't pretend you are something you are not.
  11. tmmoris is actually correct.

    ATC / CCF officers within the RAFVR(T) standing can have their comissions transferred to a normal RAuxAF comission, and thus deployed. Chance of it happening, very small. Chance of it happening, and being anything but IC Kettle, even smaller.

    but he is right.
  12. Is it just me thats thinking it... or might these Cadet Officers need a little additional triaing before allowing them to contribute to a regular or TA role in times of need? Is it fair to say that as a cadet commission holder they would be the first choice of conscription should there be a conflict as big as WW2 or alike ?
  13. Bensonby, do you have all the answers now?
  14. Like I said:

    • Things would have to go proper, proper wrong. The chances are low low.
    • They'd end up filing or making tea.

    The reality of it's use isn't that they'd mobilise any muppet in the ATC staff. They might, however, want to mobilise somebody who's civvy job is some specialist medical trade. I they need one in Camp Bastion hospital and neither the Regs or TA have one available.. who knows?

    I believe that is the principle.
  15. As far as I know this might have been the case in the past, when all cadet officers were given the type B commission. With the introduction of the type C (Cadet only commission) they have written out the possibility of ever being called up as such.
    If you consider that any number of Police officers, Firemen, Doctors etc can all join the ACF where as there is a limit on how many can join the TA.
    The sole purpose for this is if.... there ever was a huge scale conflict the TA wouldn't take all of our essential infrastructure with it.

    If cadet officers could be mobilised, there would be a limit as to how many can join from certain professions.

    Lets face it, if it ever goes that wrong. Everyone with a pair of balls would need to help, not just cadet AI's. I would rather have my window cleaner or my milkman beside me than some cadet instructors I have met.