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do any loggies on here know if they have an affiliated cadet unit? my unit 41 sqn (should really be a troop) is affiliated to 127 petrolium sqn (v) but we never get any help from them. it would be good to get some support from our own corps!!!
One of the previous Corps RSM's (Steve Yaffai, now a Capt at Deepcut) was very keen on affiliation, something that may have carried on. I suggest you get your Det Cdr to drop the Corps RSM a line and arrange a fam visit to Deepcut.

The problem is (from my own experience) that there are a lot of RLC unit commanders out there that would be more than willing to get the older cadets involved because they are a furtive recruiting base. The problem comes in that we don't always know what cadet units are affiliated and where they are unless they get in touch. You also get the odd obnoxious Det Cdr who just pisses people off and the net result is people don't want to know.

Also, don't be too hard on the TA units, most of them have had upto 1/3rd of their strength called up and they are still expected to meet their usual training commitments and tasking, so supporting cadets is low on their priorities. Again, it all depends on how well your Det Cdr gets on with the staff there, the PSAO of the sqn being key to that.
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