Cadet 150

Discussion in 'ACF' started by walting_matilda, Dec 20, 2009.

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  1. Next year will be the 150 years of the cadet movement. Who is doing what and when?
  2. we are also celebrating 100 years of our CCF(was OTC in 1910) trip to Cyprus and one to Gib hopefully,and whatever else goes on locally.just wish it was a fee paying school instead of a state school so we had had loads of money!!LOL
  3. Hmm, that is a very old CCF for a state run one lol
  4. Thought the CCf was renamed by the Labour party in 1948 to prevent elitism.
  5. To what lol
  6. My Deputy Commandant is running the Cadet 150 so im sure we will be involved heavily! lots of parades and what not. i also believe they are parading 5000 cadets in front of the Queen! (heard through the grape vine so dont quote me on this!)

  7. Where you from?
  8. The plan was 5000 cadets marching down the Mall, but apparently it has been cut back to 1,200 (but don't quote me on that).
  9. H & W

    I think in the main it will be parades and church services, this will also be good in raising the profile of the ACF!

  10. from the MOD site

    "Next year promises to be one of the most memorable and fun-packed years in the Cadet Forces’ history, and with very good reason: 2010 is their 150th birthday.

    Cadet150 will be marked at all levels of the Cadet Forces and in many different ways across the country."

    HWACF are having a 'fun packed' service at Hereford Cathederal. This will involve 'fun packed' sitting around, 'fun packed' hymn singing and 'fun packed' wearing of No2 dress with swords and shiny things! Ive heard that there will be 'fun packed' VIPs such as the mayor! I cant wait and neither can the cadets it sounds such FUN!!! :D
  11. CCF was compulsory at my school and we fecking loved it. The officers, who were our school teachers, were all ex WW2.
    We were able to join from the age of eleven or twelve, can't quite remember, but I do remember that my Lee Enfield was almost as tall as I was.
    I got Cert A parts 1 and 2 through it. Dunno whether that is still a relevant qualification, but it was a great help when I joined the regulars later.
    Good luck with your celebrations.
  12. I have heard precious little about the 150 apart from the fanfare, I haven't seen or heard anything substantial about it to date, it couldn't come at a worse time with all the cut backs etc.

    If they can get it sorted, it would also be nice to get a permanent reminder of the events, to show everybody, parades and events etc are here today and gone tomorrow, we need something more to show for it.
  13. Became a comprehensive in about 1977/78 IIRC,and they kept the CCF going
  14. We have quite a large event coming up in April which should involve large numbers of the public.

    Also trying for 'Freedom of The City' to raise the profile.

  15. Only made more 'FUN' by your considerable presence no doubt!!