Cadence Sit Ups

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Vinnylppd, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Hey

    Can anybody tell me what these are?! Are they just normal sit ups and not crunches?!

    I start Basic on the 29th and you have to do these for the input test..

    cheers folks.
  2. Cadence means rhythmic, or continuous. So it would be as many as poss in 2 mins of the normal feet anchored type, I would expect.
  3. You have to sing out as you do them........

    I don't know but I 'bin told
    Eskimo pussy is mighty cold

    Hope this helps
  4. Are you sure they don't mean the bleep test? Test runs for 8 mins as memory serves.

    Did it mention you have to reach a certain level?
  5. it just says cadence sit ups - 2mins entry :S lol!

    they should make it more clear!!!!!
  6. It is clear - Cadence sit ups are just sit ups like you had at ADSC.

    You're just confused by the use of an unknown english word. :)

    The use of this word suggests they may call out the time to you i.e. "DOWN!" ...pause... "UP!"
  7. lol that makes more sense :p

    we didnt do any sit ups at selection :S or press ups actually...


    thanks tho!!! :)
  8. I think its sit ups in time with a tape. Sort of like a bleep test. Bleep Up! Bleep Down! Bleep Up! Bleep Down! and the bleep gets faster.

  9. hey, found this question using the search.
    Can anyone confirm that is sit ups with feet anchored? I can do that no problem. seriously struggle without something holding my feet down
  10. Yes Sandy it is with feet'll have a lot more than that to worry about though and the cadence is a bleep test. You do the sit-ups in time with the bleep for as long as possible.

    Hope that helps.