Cabling jobs - any prospects in it (for non R Sigs)

I am currently serving as an RLC Rad Op and am about to start a Cable and Fibre course with Limbrook Services (counterpart of CTTS). I have just read this thread and am now getting seriously concerned about the wisedom of embarking into civvy street with this qualification.

I have no experience in the cabling world and am unsure as to how employers will respond to someone with only a paper qualification.

I have spoken to Limbrook Services yesterday and they are confident that my chances of employment are good following the course.

Can any of the sigs community still in, or those that have jumped the fence shed some light on whether or not I stand a chance in the big shark infested pond outside with this qualification???????????
You do however make sure you train both in copper and fibre, go for city & guilds 3666 all parts if possible then get a decent placement with an employer.

You will find it can be all fibre one week then up a telegraph pole doing copper the next.

There are many non Sigs and no techs doing ok, its not all telemechs and Technicians (although being either opens doors to some).

Good luck

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