Cablenet Courses

they are a good outfit, however with the outside conditions at the moment Unless you have experience or the ability to be economical with the truth you will find it hard at the technical level, better off doing Project Management or at least some sort of Project Coordinator role
DONT DO IT, i did the cable-training course and finding it hard to find work, but it does depend on your background. You will find alot of people on here did the same course and are in the same situation. Do I.T as you will have a better chance.
Think you may be right, I have also been looking at IT courses, but wondered why theres such a big difference in the time taken to deliver the courses.
eg. A+ takes 4 weeks at RTC, Aldershot and only 1 week at BlueScreen IT in Plymouth, and N+ takes 2 wks at RTC and 1 wk at Plymouth.
Anyone been on these courses and have any feedback?
I have got my A+, N+ and MCP, but the general rule is dont go any higher cause people will want experienced engineers, as oppose to people doing crash courses in cisco. I self studied for my A+ and N+. My A+ i nailed that in 2 weeks, and my N+ took my 4 weeks to studied. You are only looking at a basic techs job, the pay wont be anything special but the main thing is to get employment, where as the cablenet courses and co, there are loads of people doing the course but there is very little work.

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