Cable thief gets burnt

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. [​IMG]

    A self-confessed metal thief who was seriously burned trying to steal live power cables said his injuries were so bad his daughter did not recognise him in hospital.


    Chuffed to fuck, shame he wasn't fried completely
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  2. I bet he didn't complete a risk assessment
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  3. The impact blew part of his skull off, leaving his brain exposed.

    It was walnut sized :)

    Shocking stuff
  4. A Darwin dodger - pity.
  5. Oh dear how sad never mind.

    Proverbs 5:22
  6. Well Im sure all the 1000s of people who had to go without power when the cretin has nicked it in the past will all send him their best wishes. If it wasn't for thieving pikies like him who steal from the power companies and Rail we wouldnt be paying a fortune.

    Sure some do gooders will blame the government for his upbringing though.
  7. Good and I hope it hurts like hell. Shame he did not die.
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  8. "It wasn't until she could smell me and hear my voice that she realised I was her dad and not some stranger."

    So his daughters used to the smell of burning flesh then. Its grim up North...
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  9. "One morning when I woke the skin which had been grafted on to my face had stuck to the pillow, and it had to be done again."

    A likely story if ever I heard one!
  10. Hahaha!!!,.... Fucking loads of sympathy,..NOT!!,...

    I wish things like this served as a lesson to sticky fingered pikey cunts everywhere. But it hasn't before and I doubt it will this time.

    There was something similar down this way 6 months (ish) ago. Dover area I think, and a couple of pikeys managed to fry themselves trying to knick the cable that supplied the juice rail for the trains.

    Sadly IIRC they both survived as well.
  11. :judge:
    Maybe its time to turn up the operational voltages on the rail network :thumright:
  12. Now I wonder if the cunt will get locked up, after all he has confessed to being a stealing, thieving twat.
  13. Reminds me of bug zappers. Hope the victims pay for their medical bills - if they survive.
  14. Doubt it - he'll get offered a three week safari to ease his shattered nerves. Where's a power surge when you need one.
  15. Stupid Tw*t...... Some Oomin rites law firm will probably put him up to sue the Electric Supply Company..... No more Bambinos.... maybe he's frazzled of his Nuts and other Dangly bits as well....

    Pity.... mean't that nobody could put out a 'Porta Grief'..... he didn't quite arrange for teh full Darwin award ceremony.... Maybe next time he tries to nick some copper cabling.......