Cabinet ultimatum to Brown?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Trans-sane, May 5, 2008.

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  1. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Paraphrasing the late, great WSC. "It may not be the begining of the end, but it is certainly the end of the begining."

    Hopefully a particularly ambitious member of the cabinet will get behind our esteemed PM. Afterall it makes it so much easier to stab him in the back if you are behind him from the start.
  2. Well from what I have gathered a leadership contest is unlikely due to the circus of hoops that a candidate form ZANU NL would have to leap through to depose broon.It is also unlikely to see open mass revolt in the party as they are on such shakey ground in the first place.Revolt is not very 'on message'.I would expect to see some knee jerk tax decreases (bin tax is a fave to go) and a bit more regurigated spin.Frankly I hope broon sticks around to reap what he and his cronies have sown....I want to see his face in two years when the country says 'do one cyclops,and turn the fecking light off on the way out,energy is bloody expensive and you have wasted enough of our hard earned cash'.
  3. As opposed to this

  4. It really is not surprising to see the ZANU NL parasites demanding such things now it is clear that the eleven year gravy train is about to run out of coal.Fairness and social justice?Please dont make me laugh,liarbore have thrashed the economy so badly they have even had to move onto taxing the 'core demographic' to pay for there incompetence and wastefullness.And as far as a leadership challenge goes...who would really want to carry the can for the approaching sh1tstorm?Who in the cabinet has the ability?A party of all the talent?There is more talent in the opening episodes of the x factor than there is on display on the ZANU NL front bench.
  5. And which aspiring MP is going to be suicidal enough to take on party leadership in a time like this?

    You'd have to be clinically insane to even consider it. Oh...hang on...
  6. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Hopefully someone WILL be insane and stupid enough. Get a messy enough fight for the leadership and we may end up with a General Election earlier than 2 years. We can hope anyway.
  7. What else would you expect from Brown's Broadcasting Cronies? The journalist for that article is not listed, but it sounds a lot like Andrew Marr - a Liabour functionary if there ever was one. The BBC know that their gravy train is about to end too and a large number of them will be looking for jobs in a couple of years time.
  8. Well whatever he does to try to turn this around it won't involve better funding for the armed forces.
  9. Ah yes, a entirely credible quote from Tony Lloyd.

    That would be the Tony Lloyd who is Chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party, Chair of the Trade Union Group of Labour MPs, Chair of the All-Party Russian Group, previously a labour whip and at one point Minister at the Foreign Office.

    Well it also happens that Mr Lloyd says that the Government needs to "clarify what it's there for". Thus you can be 100% certain that there is deep and abiding turmoil and lack of a new direction within the Broon Bunker.

    And when Andrew Marr (spouse Jackie Ashley of the Grauniad) and being the Labour friendly BBC political mouthpiece tells him "You are saying nothing new" really quite clear that Broon is in deep trouble.

    At best got until the Party Conference at which point, without some good news and a big change of attitude & policy, he is history.
  10. Well it won't be Beverley Hughes. She's off to become a head teacher :p

    Angry headteachers heckled Children's Minister Beverley Hughes over levels of testing
  11. I hope he stays, as already mentioned it would be good to see the tw*t still in the job when NL reap what they have sown and get the big finger from the country at the next Gen Election.
  12. There is no-one to replace him - to misquote the old aphorism: "In the party full of c*nts, the one-eyed c*nt is king".
  13. Some of the things that Bruin could do,but probably won't:

    a.Stop spending money in Africa and spend the money nearer home(England?) instead

    b.Make support to the Armed Forces,in all forms ,particularly financial,a priority,or stop fighting 2 wars.

    c.If he wants to raise money from Green taxes,ring fence that,and spend it on Green initiatives only-and not general taxation.

    d.''Listen AND learn''
  14. I suppose that as it's about ratings and popularity, we'll be seeing the benefits of millions of there Labour Voters being raised; and all the Tory voters having there taxes raised to pay for it.