Cabinet reshuffle - Farewell Mr Deputy?

So is it arrivaderci to Giovanni?
Link here:
This was my favorite part:
Former health secretary Frank Dobson said the reshuffle would amount to no more than "re-arranging the deckchairs on the Titanic" and insisted the party needed "new management".
The gist of the Prescott rumours is that he will lose most of his job(s) but will retain title of DPM.

So (in TCB's eyes) Prezza has been doing a good job but has been a bit naughty on the personal front. His reponse to this is to stop him doing the job(s) but leaving him with all the perks attached to DPM.

What a cnut !


There are a number of heads expected to roll if you believe the news reports this morning. It seems that those who have cme under consideration for inverse promotion and career enhancement include (in order of popularity):

1. John Prescott - for services to the state over and above the call of marital duty!

2. Charles Clarke - for helping to keep the British Police forces busy and the public on their toes.

3. Patricia Hewitt - for keeping the nation healthy, and

4. Ruth Kelly - who will have her success 'deferred'

Might be an interesting day in the light of something in excess of 250 labour councillors being voted out. The BNP have added to their numbers as a credible alternative to labour, especially in Barking, despite the dodgy tendencies thatsupport them.To put the cherry on the cake, the local elections, if the same level of support was to be present at a general ecelection (which I doubt) would give the Tories 40% of the vote. The LibDems would be second with 27% and Labour, a poor third with 26% of the vote. The grim spectre (for Tony) of a Tory government with a Liberal opposition - back to the good old days (when the colonies were all ours :) ),

could be n interesting day indeed...

Sitrep from BBC Page

TCH from Leader of the House to Europe minister

Wing-nut Clarke out

Jack Straw from FO to ????

Watch this spave ... note that it never leaves my wrist.
Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell, who led Labour's campaign in London, told Sky News that her Cabinet colleagues, not local activists, were to blame for any losses.

"The headlines of the last two weeks have created a great problem for us," she said.
Oh dear! Nanny Tessa seems to have forgotten about her own starring role in the headlines just a few weeks ago. Still, she's renowned for her ability to not know about things others may consider important.
Now charles clarke is sacked,john reid defence seceretary as been give his job .

john prescott kept his job but as lost his dept what a surprise


Jailorinummqasr said:
Fcuk! John Reid moved from MoD to Home Office......who the fcuk are we going to get next!
Straw maybe?

Margaret Beckett as Foreign Sec - what an embarassing thought to have that self-important, caravanning harpie representing this country abroad.

Plenty of blood on the carpets though, which is a good sign of impending meltdown. :D
I thought Jack Straw was doing a good job where he was, why did he move do we think?

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