Cabinet rapped for using the Human Rights Act as a scapegoat

Prime Minister Tony Blair and other senior ministers have been harshly criticised for using the Human Rights Act as a "convenient scapegoat" for Government failings.

A senior Parliamentary committee said ministers had made "unfounded" claims about the Act. When their comments were proved to be wrong, ministers had made no attempt to admit their mistakes and correct misconceptions about the controversial legislation, the Joint Committee on Human Rights said.

There were three cases which had resulted in the mistaken belief the Act allowed criminals to get off lightly - the foreign prisoners scandal, the Afghan hijackers who successfully appealed against deportation and handling of murderer Anthony Rice, who was freed from jail to kill mother-of-one Naomi Bryant, it noted.

Delivering a harsh dressing down to the Government, the committee's report said: "The Human Rights Act has been used as a convenient scapegoat for unrelated administrative failings within government.

"In each case very senior ministers, from the Prime Minister down, made assertions that the Human Rights Act, or judges or officials interpreting it, were responsible for certain unpopular events when ... in each case these assertions were unfounded....

Now I remember vigorously defending the HRA and the courts when Tony and friends started using it as a shield to deflect criticisms re deportation etc. I hope this piece will help to clear the HRA's name so to speak!
I was a serving copper when it came in, it made absolutley no difference to the way I did my job, there was no nre rights you never had in the first place. The problems we now have are cause by both the Judicary for their interpretation in some cases and the Dear Leaders urge to form a new state.
It also saved the country money by allowing the judiciary to use it as it means a case does not have to go to the ECtHR to get a ruling under the ECHR.

just another of Teflon Tony and his phonies' tactics.

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