Cabinet mole hunt

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Dec 7, 2008.

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  1. And now some claim they finally begin to understand the heavy handed and seemingly utterly stupid turning over of a Tory MP to find out who was leaking: blind panic.

    And all they seem to have done is prompt the Tories to up the stakes

    Moles row deepens: Cabinet 'traitor' behind Tory bid to prove Brown guilty of sleaze

    The row over Westminster moles took an extraordinary turn last night after it was revealed that two senior Labour figures – including a Cabinet Minister – are behind a Conservative attempt to prove that Gordon Brown is guilty of sleaze.

    The Tories have written to the Prime Minister claiming that the two prominent Labour politicians told them that Mr Brown broke the law by using a charity to bankroll his campaign to replace Tony Blair.

    The pair also urged the Conservatives to launch their own investigation into the matter. Last night, the allegation that the Cabinet contains a ‘fifth columnist’ who is supplying ‘dirt’ on the Prime Minister caused fury in the Labour Party.

    Oh please let it be true.
  2. Even if it is true (and it probably is), nothing will come out of it. Remember Teflon Tony?
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    As the allegation dates back to 2006 (when the Tories found out about it), why haven't they asked for an investigation before if they thought they had something?

    Nice story but someone is engineering this simply to gain the upper hand in the spin stakes, IMHO.

    .....but just in case my cynicism is misplaced, it would be wonderful if there was anything in it.
  4. I bet Mandelson is trying to trick the Conservatives into making false allegations.
  5. It is true. The Charities Commission looked into the Smith Institute about a year ago and determined that they'd broken the law. Specifically:-

    Taking Ed Balls on as an employee when he was waiting for a safe seat to become available.

    Funding a political campaign manager to relocate from Washington to London to manage Gordon's efforts to become PM.

    Engaging in other blatantly political activities (e.g. organising 'public' seminars where only Labour party members were allowed to attend).

    In addition, they were found to have held over 100 events at No 11 Downing Street without paying a penny for use of the facilities. (Who could have authorised that - oh yes I remember now)? This was at the same time as MoD demanded £10,000 from a service charity (BLESMA I think) to hold a fund raiser at Sandhurst.

    The Smith Institute was the HQ of the Gordon-For-Labour-Leader campaign. Because it is a registered charity, you and I helped pay for Gordon's campaign. As a result of the Charity Commission report, one of the charity's governors was removed from his job - and put straight into No. 10 as a 'special advisor' on the civil service payroll.

    Labour know that they broke the law and they know that nothing will be done about it. With half the Met Police fully signed up to the loony left, the CPS run by a colleague of Cherie Blair and the Charities Commission keeping their gobs shut if they want to stay in a job, nothing is going to happen.

    Anyway, this story broke about a year ago. Best be careful what we say. This thread might get holed due to being 'dull' and 'smelling of wee'.
  6. isn't that the worst thing in all this. they should be forced to resign, or even face criminal charges but as AM says.....
  7. Well said Ancient One.
    The Smiff Institute is a charity and Brown has used it as alternative finance.
    But as you say they have broken the law and people are on their tracks.
  8. MPs' immunity is not the only institution under attack. The great British tea break is an established tradition, one of our international trade marks, and backed up by the law. Unfortunately one of our leaders (can't imagine who) decided to ignore the law and cancel it for HM tax office in Broomhouse, Edinburgh. The press are aware, but have not published anything. The point is, getting this thread on to a defence track, maybe this was the thin end of the wedge. Are any of our own overworked civil servants on MOD being denied tea breaks in the name of efficiency? If so, perhaps it is time to make a note of where. Rest is a Principle of War, after all.
  9. According to the "Have I got news for you" programme (so it must be true) Cyclops openly admitted to using a mole in the past.More double standards?
  10. Well it was a tv interview they showed, what do you want crayons and everything?
  11. His lordship Brown made his political career by using leaked documents to attack the then Tory Gov. I cant find a link, but I do seem to recall many years ago seeing on LWT (London Weekend Telly) a then GLC leader (Red Ken) discussing with labour ministers ( guess who) the importance of snooping and leaking Gov documents to attack them with. If you think the BBC is biased, you would have loved LWT
  12. What they need is a DNA Database, they'd have nailed the culprit by now..
  13. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Apologies for going a little off thread but I don't like the idea of an all knowing state but.....If you look here you can see some serious cases internationally that have been cleared up after the fact .

    However, European Court says a database ain't going to happen so I suppose that we had better think of something different to do instead.

    For most charges DNA evidence is expensive and not necessarily going to provide help. However it should be borne in mind that the rape conviction rate of the UK is pathetically poor. It is one crime that I really would be happy to see the bastards hung for and one crime that DNA evidence would give prosecution the tool it needed to do so.

    A 2007 BBC article here tells all on the awful decline in rape convictions over the years.
  14. At risk of continueing the off thread wandering - in rape cases the issue is seldom about whether sex took place - it is normally about the issue of consent. DNA whether on a database does not help. In the vast majority of rape cases the victim knows the attacker.

    Back to the subject. If this governement wasn't always trying to mis-lead the public and spin the facts, there wouldn't be so much for any mole to leak. it was this government who claimed to be standing up for whistle-blowers and introduced a Freedom of Information Act wasn't it? Since claiming the credit for that they have systematically and cynically suppressed the process for their own political ends.

    If a mole seriously compromises national security then hang-em out to dry using the Official Secrets Act. If a civil servant embarrasses the political party in power by telling the electorate the truth - then reward him.