Cabinet minister career sex offer

From the Mail:

Cabinet minister said he would help my career in return for sex.

A former Labour MP launched an astonishing attack on the party's leadership last night and claimed that a member of Tony Blair's Cabinet offered to help her career in return for sex.

Fiona Jones, one of the 'Blair Babes' elected in the 1997 landslide, says a leading minister propositioned her at a Labour party conference and that it was part of a secret sex-for-jobs culture in Mr Blair's government....
Hmm...wonder who that could have been....

Go on love, you are not made of wood... :D

Having seen the MP in question AND being aware of her professional capabilities...he was a dirty liar! Nothing short of a combined charisma and intellect transplant would do...

not only is she a munter, but her and her election agent Mr Des Whicher have been convicted by a jury at Nottingham Crown Court of making a false declaration of election expenses.

Moderator's note - This ruling was overturned

Surely that's one of the women from Acorn Antiques? Having seen the picture, the Hon Member for Sheffield Brightside must be the obvious candidate. No-one with full visual acuity would.... would they?

Just to cover Arrse's arrse, I should perhaps point out that Fiona Jones appealed against the conviction, and the appeal was upheld (which is why she' still the MP). You can read the exciting (and slightly twee) details at

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