Cabbies:nice or nasty to mongs?

Last week I saw a convoy of 30-or-so Black cabs heading to Margate on the M2, chock full of mongs and window lickers going for their annual "Be kind to spakkers" free ride from the cabbies. "Nice gesture", I thought, "Giving a little back to the community,after robbing me blind every time I get in the back of a cab you cnuts".


Each of the taxis were decorated with garlands of balloons. Can you imagine the carnage caused by half a dozen mogs in a sealed passenger compartment, that is surrounded by dozens of rapidly moving balloons, all of which are out of reach? The cabbies must have been hosing their remains out when they got to Margate. At least it will have cut down on the bill for ice creams.

So what were the cabbies trying for? Was it just a misplaced desire to take the little darlins out for a day without counting on the carnage to be caused by 40 red balloons vibrating in the slipstream? Or was it all part of Ken Livingstone's plan to cut down on the Special Needs budget for Greater London? Or are cabbies a bunch of cnuts?

cute but topic a little stale now - moved. mk
Waht exactly are laboons and why do mongs want them so much?

And yes, cabbies are wnakers. They just are, right?
I believe the cabbies have, maybe inadvertantly, hit on the best thing since mong skip fighting. I only wish i could have been there to see the carnage.

Oh and smartascarrots......... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!
It's got to be said, a couple of the cabs were swerving between lanes; although that's probably just the way the twats drive rather than reaction to effective mong flailing. And a lot of the windows were smeared, althoug I hesitate to guess what with...

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