Cabbie given 10 weeks to leave UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by snapper, Jun 11, 2005.

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  1. This taken from This is London

    Is Blair and his toadys havin a laugh? they let all the wasters, spongers and crim's in yet try and kick out the people that work for this country! C*nts

    This guy was good enough to be called up on National Service, yet now?
  2. he should be given uk citizenship if he did national service and also the guy has bothered to work unlike most of the scum (terrorists mostly) bliar lets in.
    how come bliar cant deport the mad mullahs of finsbury park so easily instead of giving them £kkkkk's of benefits

    typical neue abreit crap about proving there point on imigratiion and kicking out the ones who do have a right to stay

  3. He has earned the right to stay more than some of the tossers they let stay
    why do they want to kick him out ?
  4. why didnt he take out British citizenship when he had the chance to do so?
  5. If he's always technically been a tourist, how did he do National Service?

    Were they getting called up in the fifties? 8O
  6. He has served and worked for this country, let him stay and give him a passport.

    Chuck the other scrounging scum out.
  7. He and 13 of his mates could come over the pond via cuba...


  8. He probably didn't think he needed to: he certainly wouldn't have needed to when he came here.
  9. It's been done before. Happened to a bloke who used to work with my dad a good few years back.
  10. If anyone wants to put up a petition for Mr. James to stay (and get a full apology from the Home Office to boot) I'll gladly sign it.

  11. The classic thing is that it's only because Mr James has stayed within the system - serving the country and paying taxes (I presume) that they're able to track him. Were he some bogus asylum seeker he'd be off like a rat up a drainpipe and nobody would ever be able (or bothered) to find him and deport him.
  12. It's disgraceful. He should be allowed to stay, there's no doubt about that!

    But let's not discriminate. He should be allowed to stay and so should everybody else, because let's face it, nobody is 'illegal'.

    Further info here:
  13. If you mean me, then no, not really.

    The real fools in this situation are the no-brains who buy their Daily Mails, get wound up, get their blood boiling and then vent their spleen (see above). These people have got to think for themselves, stop taking in the tired old stories like this and think - really think about the situation we find ourselves in. If anybody doesn't deserve a British passport, it's the big-time scroungers like Rupert Murdoch - the man whose company hasn't paid corporation tax for over ten years in this country and 'journalists' 'working' for the papers quoted below in my signature.

    Their sick xenophobic rabble-rousing tactics are enough to make people feel ashamed to be British.
  14. How about get the chap a British passport and let him stay,